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Laugh Now Cry Later Tattoo Meaning

It has been ages since tattoos came into being, and since then, they have only gained popularity! However, tattoos have become increasingly popular over the last few years, and millions of people use them to convey powerful messages on their bodies. What is the meaning behind “Laugh now, cry later” tattoos?

The main aim of laugh now cry later tattoo is to symbolize the motivation to live your life to the fullest. There are many different associations with this tattoo, such as theater, gangs, and enthusiasts who prefer to live their lives and only worry about the consequences of their actions later.

It’s no wonder you are intrigued by this scripture, and perhaps you have thought about making it your next piece of art on your body. Whatever the case may be, stay tuned to hear all about the meanings of a laugh now, cry later tattoo and where these beautiful words came from:

The Origin Of “Laugh Now, Cry Later”

The term “laugh now, cry later” gained immense popularity all over the world by the worldwide recognized rapper Ice Cube.

In 2014, this term was also used in a Drake song, where he sings about the duality of life. Laughing and crying are the two flipsides in everyone’s life. No person on this planet has not felt the emotions of happiness or sadness.

In this context, the rapper Drake explains that there will always be positives and negatives in life, where we will laugh and cry.

This beautiful term is much older than when it was first used in song lyrics and stemmed from Greek mythology. This term may also be portrayed through two drama masks, known as the comedy and tragedy masks.

Where the one mask has expressions of happiness and smiling, the other side of the mask has expressions of the opposite emotion, which are sad and crying. Although this may be true, this design can also represent a lot more in different contexts.

The Meaning Of Laugh Now Cry Later In The Human Life

When you look at “Laugh now, cry later” in the context of every human’s life, you will make the association between good and evil.

However, they have different significance and interpretations. For instance, while somebody may choose this tattoo to represent their mental illness, somebody else may use it to represent the best times in their life.

These words may also symbolize good and evil, a side each of us has inside. We all have made mistakes, and nobody is perfect. Sometimes, we may follow the wrong path, and our decisions may affect us for the rest of our lives.

Many people prefer not to be reminded of the worst times in their lives, but the bad times need to be remembered to grow into better and happier people.

On the other hand, a “Laugh now, cry later” tattoo may also be a representation and reminder of a hardship one has overcome in their life while being reminded of a positive and good situation.

The Meaning Of Laugh Now Cry Later In The Theatric World

Of course, we now know that theater masks represent drama and art. Over time, these masks came to represent the joys as well as the sorrows in the world of drama, making them a favorite art form amongst tattoo lovers all across the globe.

Many people see drama as the essence of life, and it’s true! These masks were made to speak to the futility of strength, as well as the struggle of human nature.

Humans can go through the worst of times and still have a smile on their faces when things start to improve.

The Meaning Of Laugh Now Cry Later In Modern Street Gangs

Interestingly enough, it became apparent that these mask tattoos came to be associated with modern gangs as well. When you look at the words “Laugh now, cry later” in a gang context, it becomes much less philosophical and more than a symbolization of how these people live.

They prefer to live their lives to the fullest and do whatever they want to because they do not know where they will be the next day. They may die the next day, go to prison, and they may even spend the rest of their lives in prison.

With this being said, these types of tattoos are also popular inside prisons, implying that the prisoners should stay strong and positive in prison and may only cry after serving their time.

The Meaning Of Laugh Now Cry Later In The Loss Of A Loved One

Less popular meanings of these words could also be to remember the loss of a friend or family member.

These powerful words would then imply that the wearer of the tattoo should remember to smile in the present over good memories they may have had with the person who is now deceased.

They may cry later over the pain of losing them, but they should stay strong in the present and remember all the good times and the person.

The Meaning Of Laugh Now, Cry Later, And Decisions

“Laugh now, cry later” tattoos also convey the powerful message of living life to the fullest. These words encourage people to take action immediately and only to worry about the consequences later.

This is mainly because we tend to consider the consequences before deciding, which could influence how we make the decision and when.

The laugh now cry later tattoo meaning is to help each person get out of their comfort zone, as it is challenging to grow in comfortable situations.

It motivates you to reach and leap for new heights both in your professional and personal life and can help you to enjoy the best moments of your life without thinking about anything else.


The smile now cry later meaning is beyond compare. If you see somebody with this tattoo, feel free to ask them because, chances are, they have a beautiful story. If these words apply to you, it could become a beautiful verse to place on your body!


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