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Blue Jay Tattoo Meaning

As their name suggests, Blue Jays are beautiful birds with vibrant blue feathers and are loved by millions. Blue Jays have been around for ages and are a songbird by nature. Many people love Blue Jays for their visual appearance, making them beautiful and popular tattoos. You may wonder what these tattoos mean if you know about the Blue Jay’s temperament and nature.

A tattoo of a Blue Jay represents a person’s intelligence, truth, and purity. Blue Jays also represent people who have good communication skills and confidence. They represent the judgment of yourself and others, family protection, and loyalty. These tattoos are also strong symbols of determination.

Not only does a Blue Jay make for a stunning-looking tattoo, but it holds a lot of meaning, which only adds to its popularity and the reason behind getting them. Stay with us as we discuss all the meanings that add to the beautiful look of a Bluejay tattoo!

The Blue Jay When Used In A Tattoo

The Blue Jay is well known for being focused, ferocious, and strong-minded. When you consider this, it comes as no surprise that these birds are so commonly used as mascots of teams, literature, and tattoos.

The Blue Jay is full of energy and strength as it soars in the sky, without hesitating to go after what it wants in life.

The Blue Jay owns an inner fire that is impossible to suppress, so when you get a Blue jay bird tattoo, know that you symbolize a strong and dominant soul.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at all the other things a tattoo of a Blue Jay suggests:

The Blue Jay Tattoo As A Symbol Of Intelligence

Blue Jays live a beautiful and long life, which is sometimes paired with wisdom, as the oldest Blue Jay was documented to be 17 years old!

Wisdom comes with age and personal growth, and due to Blue Jay’s long lifespan, and high intelligence level, they are often seen as some of the wisest birds.

Blue Jay Tattoos And Their Relation To Family Protection

The Blue Jay is well known to be highly protective of their families, so much so that they have gained a reputation for symbolizing family protection and values.

They show immense creativity and determination when it comes to protecting their nests, no matter what!

The Blue J bird tattoo makes the ideal tattoo for a person who feels strongly about their family and does everything to provide for and protect them.

Blue Jay Tattoos Represent Purity And Truth In The Wearer

Truth and purity are one of the most special traits of Blue Jays, which are two meanings strongly associated with the color of their feathers.

So, having a Blue Jay bird tattoo on your body represents that your heart and soul are pure.

Blue Jays Tattoos As A Symbol Of Effective Communication

Many believe that the Blue Jay’s striking blue color makes a solid connection to the throat chakra, which relates to creative self-expression and authentic interpersonal expression.

Blue Jays could often arrive in our lives and act as a bearer to tell us that we are not being honest enough regarding our communications, as we are often afraid to speak or demonstrate our truths.

Many live in such a fear of conflict that they do not express themselves entirely, which is exactly what a Blue Jay tattoo does not represent.

A tattoo of a baby Blue Jay tattoo symbolizes the will and need to speak and express yourself freely, without worrying about the consequences, as it should be!

Blue Jay Tattoos Are A Sign Of Confidence

Because Blue Jays are protective and strong, they encourage people to act with confidence.

Blue Jays are the perfect explanation of the saying, “fake it until you make it,” as we often need to act more confident than we feel if we want to reach our goals and reach a certain point in our lives.

Additionally, confidence should not be seen as arrogance, as it is never wrong to have confidence in yourself and believe in yourself, even if others don’t feel the same!

Blue Jays As A Form Judgement From Yourself Or Others

Blue Jays also strongly relate to being judged by others and yourself. Like people, Blue Jays are often also judged because they are aggressive and bold.

However, this is merely a sign of intelligence, strong survival instinct, and loyalty to family. In the same way, Blue Jays can also indicate receiving unfair judgment from others.

Whether it’s due to setting boundaries or upsetting somebody, a Blue Jay symbolizes that we should never think we are wrong when we are simply living our truth, even if it upsets other people and causes them to judge us!

Blue Jay Tattoos To Symbolize Loyalty

Not only do Blue Jays have strong family bonds, doing everything they can to protect their families, but they also mate for life, making them a strong symbol of loyalty.

In this case, their “true blue” feathers represent a Blue Jay’s incredible loyalty, literally and figuratively.

Therefore, a tattoo of a Blue Jay family tattoo represents that somebody is loyal toward their partner, friends, or family and will never do anything to betray them or break their trust.

Blue Jay Tattoo To Show Determination

Blue jays chicks are known to be ferocious while being able to remain focused. Although the Blue Jay may be small, they remain a symbol of determination.

Either way, if you have ever gone through hardships in your life without giving up and remaining positive, you are a true Blue Jay, as you can overcome anything in your life without losing your sense of determination!

By working hard, being focused, and remaining courageous and determined, you will achieve everything you want in life, just like a Blue Jay.


Blue Jays are not only beautiful birds, but they hold strong meanings all across the world. If you have resonated with these meanings stated above, this is your sign to get a flying Blue Jay tattoo, as you are a courageous, strong, determined person with strong loyalty and a pure heart and soul!

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