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Angel With AK 47 Tattoo Meaning

There’s no doubt that angel and AK47 tattoos are edgy and thought-provoking as this unique combination of two dramatically opposing symbols has a powerful meaning that stops you in your tracks.

Angel with AK47 tattoo meanings differs depending on the type of angel. Meanings range from sweet, innocent, feisty cherubs to fallen angels who have committed violent acts. AK47 tattoo meanings include being heroic, a gang member, patriotic, and proud of having served in the military.

While the meaning behind an angel and an AK47 tattoo might seem abundantly clear, its powerful symbolism is far deeper than that. So, if you want a bespoke tattoo design that truly resonates with you and truly means something – read on!

What Do Angel Tattoos Represent?

The mythology and symbolism of angels are deeply rooted in spirituality. Angels were originally called “Angelus,” a Latin word that means “god’s messenger,” and they were seen as powerful guardians in heaven.

However, angels have diverse meanings ranging from faith, romantic love, falling from grace, doubt, wrath, spiritual transcendence, and destruction to the fear of death, to mention but a few.

So, the meaning of your angel and AK 47 tattoo depends on the type of angel design you choose, and it’s important to select an image that truly means something to you on a deeper level.

Here are a few great Angel design options, including their meanings:

Cherub Tattoo Meanings

Iconic Cherubs, Cupids, or Baby Angels are often depicted as chubby nude little angels with wings who, in biblical times, acted as messengers and guardians of heaven. Chief amongst them is Cupid

who symbolizes romantic love, including the innocence and nativity of youth.

Archangel And Guardian Angel Meanings

While there are seven archangels or chief angels whom all have their own duties, the most powerful is Michael, who is a powerful religious symbol as a guardian or a protector on a spiritual level. Similarly, guardian angels symbolize prudent spiritual guidance and protection from harm.

Death/Destroying Angel Meanings

Destroying or death angels were originally known as “satans” and led by Satan to punish, torment, and destroy fallen angels and evil humans to protect the faithful. Today these types of angels symbolize a fear of death.

Flying Angels Meanings

These powerful symbols of resurrection and rebirth have deep roots in Christianity and symbolize

overcoming adversity and phenomenal spiritual growth. So, it’s a great choice if you have experienced hardship in your life and made positive changes to lead a good life with purpose.

Fallen Angels Meanings

In stark contrast, fallen angels like Lucifer, or Satan, are normally depicted as angels with injured wings. They symbolize the demise of the original paradise of Eden and the significant loss it represents for all humanity.

Praying Angels Meanings

Devout praying angel tattoos depicted with clasped hands represent a powerful need to build a relationship with God. Other meanings include guidance, and divine intervention, including spiritual and physical protection.

Angels have been acting as messengers between heaven and earth in various religions for centuries, and long before they were portrayed in tattoo designs, they have been depicted in various guises in great works of art. Therefore, their meanings vary significantly in many cultures and traditions.

What Do AK47 Tattoos Mean?

So, now that you have hopefully found an angel meaning that is perfect for your tattoo design let’s look at why AK47 tattoos are so popular and their various meanings.

The AK47, an abbreviation for an Automatic Kalashnikov, was designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov as a Soviet assault weapon in 1947 that was used during WWII.

Today, the AK47 is the most widely used shoulder rifle in the world and has been used as a weapon of choice in several wars.

So, it’s not surprising that depicting the iconic AK47 in a tattoo represents heroism and bravery in the face of mortal danger. However, as AK47 rifles are so powerful, they also symbolize strength and the ability to face known enemies head-on.

Other AK47 tattoo meanings include patriotism and pride in having served in the military or in the line of duty in a war-torn country.

In stark contrast, AK47 tattoos can also mean that a person belongs to a certain gang and is never afraid to take up arms to protect their turf.

The Top Angel With AK47 Tattoo Meanings

While a tattoo depicting an angel and an AK47 can have several meanings, it is mostly symbolic of a person who is overall kind, generous, romantic, and spiritual but will, by the same token, defend themselves and those they love if they feel threatened.

However, the meaning of the complete tattoo design highly depends on the type of angel you choose. So, here are the potential meanings:

Cherubs with an AK47: a combination between the depiction of an innocent chubby baby angel and an AK47 is a popular female tattoo design as it represents a girl who is romantic, sweet, strong and powerful, and able to defend herself.

Archangel/guardian angel with an AK47 meaning: this tattoo design is ideal for spiritual warriors who feel that they have a profound connection with their guardian angels.

A death/destroying angel with an AK47: is a powerful combination as it represents overcoming a fear of dying and being willing to take a stand for what you believe in if faced with injustices.

Flying angels coupled with AK47: this design represents the power of transcendence and significant spiritual growth.

Fallen angels with AK47 tattoos: denote a person who feels that they have “fallen from grace” through violent acts that destroyed their spiritual growth.

Praying angels coupled with AK47 tattoo designs: this depiction represents a person who has a strong spiritual connection and is prepared to fight for what they believe in.


The meaning behind angels with AK47 tattoo designs is often overlooked, and while it is a popular and quirky combination, its profound symbolism is not merely skin deep. So, choose an angel and AK47 tattoo design that truly resonates with you on a spiritual level.

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