Ghost Tattoo Meaning

Ghost tattoos seem to gain more and more popularity, and with so many designs, ranging from scary ones to funny ones or even cartoon ones, it’s clear to see why. The days when people feared ghosts seem to be over, but you may still wonder what a ghost tattoo symbolizes.

The meaning of ghost tattoos goes in many directions, as the wearer could be a fan of ghost shows, or it could symbolize a deceased friend or family member. A ghost tattoo could also symbolize the unknown, the spirit world, protection, being a member of a secret group, or feeling one is invisible.

If you desire a tattoo of a ghost or have seen somebody with a unique design, you may be left in awe, wondering what it could mean to them. Well, we can help you with that! Continue reading as we go through the exciting meanings of ghost tattoos!

Ghost When Used As A Tattoo

A ghost tattoo’s meaning and representation could vary depending on its color and size. Additionally, how the ghost is portrayed should be considered, such as a cartoon-inspired ghost, such as Casper, or a scary or funny one.

Anyone can get a ghost tattoo looking for something unusual and different to place on their body. Ghosts could be frightening to some people, which is also why many of them decide to wear one on their skin!

Nevertheless, if you wish to stand out, you can give it a go with a beautiful, funny, or scary ghost tattoo design!

Let’s take a look at ghost tattoos and what they represent:

Being A Fan Of Ghost Stories And Movies

The first and most easy meaning behind somebody getting a ghost tattoo could be simply because they’re diehard fans of ghost movies or popular ghost stories.

There is an entire subculture of supernatural and horror fans, and ghosts are very often a big part of them. Besides, who doesn’t like Casper The Friendly Ghost and Ghostbusters?

Ghost Tattoos As A Remembrance Of A Loved One

Sometimes, a person would choose a ghost tattoo to represent the spirit of a friend or family member who has died, and it acts as a reminder that the person is always around them in spirit.

In this case, the ghost tattoo would serve as a happy tattoo and represent all the deceased people looking out for you and watching over you.

According to many people and several ghost stories and folklore, ghosts are not entities to be afraid of but rather serve to protect us and wish us no harm.

 Except for the fact that the wearer will have a constant reminder of death, they could also use the ghost tattoo to remind them that death is a natural part of life, and it should not be feared or dreaded but should be welcomed and accepted.

A Ghost Tattoo Serves As A Symbol Of The Unknown

A ghost tattoo could also be a symbol of the unknown. Although ghosts could be portrayed through a tattoo in various ways, such as a floating blanket with eyes, a translucent cloudy figure, or a dark black figure, nobody actually knows how a ghost looks.

Therefore, if a person often throws themselves in uncomfortable situations as a form of growth and ways to learn, they would love a ghost tattoo.

The ghost tattoo is a direct symbol of the unknown, and the wearer accepts that there are things in our universe that we may attempt to understand but never will. Through this, we become wiser and stronger.

Accepting that not understanding is most of the battles in life, the ghost tattoo is a great symbol to look at and remind a person that they are never really in control, no matter if they think they are.

A Ghost Tattoo Represents The Spirit World

Many people feel like they have a very strong connection to the spirit world, as they have a sixth sense of feeling things most others can’t.

Some people experience a strong spiritual connection to specific places in which events happened in the past or felt like there may be an entity living in their homes.

In this case, the person may get a ghost tattoo representing their strong relationship and connection to the spirit world.

Ghost Tattoos Serving As A Form Of Protection

A ghost tattoo can be seen as a symbol of both peace and protection from negative energy. It has been believed that a ghost tattoo has great power and can act as a ward against hostile spirits and energy.

Several Aztec tribes used art forms of ghosts in the hope that they would ward off any evil spirits from troubling their tribes.

A Ghost Tattoo As A Logo For A Secret Group

There is no denying that millions of secret societies and gangs exist in our world. Some of them could be in the form of a university, online gaming teams, or even large friend groups.

People would get identical tattoos, usually in the exact location, to represent their loyalty towards a particular group or lifestyle.

A Ghost Tattoo Means The Wearer Feels Invisible

Have you ever felt like you are entirely alone in the world, and people disregard you? You may be happy to hear that you are not alone.

Living in such a fast-paced and ever-moving world, it could become very easy to feel left out, invisible, and like nobody wants to listen to what you have to say.

Because ghosts are always seen as invisible entities, it is apparent that a person who feels similar to a ghost would get one tattooed on them.

They may use the ghost tattoo to remember that even if they feel alone, ghosts may feel alone too, and they are never truly alone.


There are several different interpretations of what ghost tattoos could mean; at the end of the day, each person has their own meaning.

If we have convinced you to get a ghost tattoo, wear it with pride, inform others that you believe in the afterlife, and use it as a reminder that there are always things in our world we will never completely understand!

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