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Womb Tattoo Meaning

You might be in a phase of thinking about having children or scrolled through social media and saw someone mention a womb tattoo. Maybe you know or cannot imagine what it might mean. So what is a womb tattoo, and what does it mean?

A womb tattoo can indicate welcoming a new life into the world, like a firstborn. Another meaning is a sexually suggestive meaning depending on the look and position. Another meaning can indicate a lesbian way of life. Some men get this tattoo to show their support for feminism.

A womb tattoo can have vast meanings and might indicate a different purpose when you choose a specific design and placement of the tattoo. Therefore, you will have to consider the design to know that it will signify your reason behind the tattoo, and the position will also add meaning to it.

Different Meanings Of A Womb Tattoo

There are a variety of meanings when it comes to a womb tattoo. Firstly, the name is womb tattoo, correlating to some designs that use a distorted heart (a heart that opens up) and look like fallopian tubes and the uterus. It is not a tattoo of a uterus, literally. Secondly, the womb tattoo suggests the most popular area to get this tattoo –the external of the womb on the lower abdomen.

Knowing what the name suggests, can you form your conclusion as to what this tattoo might mean? There are, however, certain aspects to a womb tat that will give it a specific meaning.

Historically, especially in ancient Egypt, the womb tattoo protected the wearer from evil spirits that might want to alter their fertility or harm their babies. Today, the meanings have changed, and some only get a womb tattoo because it looks beautiful.

Womb Tattoo Meaning: New Life

A womb tattoo’s purest, most innocent meaning is celebrating new life. Whether someone struggles to fall pregnant or celebrates this miracle of giving life, a womb tattoo is an excellent token of celebration.

It will typically involve a heart designed with patterns around it, and they can add the baby’s name or birth date. The placement of these tattoos can be anywhere the mother feels comfortable, and in any size, she would like.

Womb Tattoo Meaning: Sexually Suggestive

This type of utero tattoo has a more lewd meaning, and the design correlates to the look of “Inmon,” a Japanese tribal symbol suggesting love and all things sexual. Some call this a tramp stamp, and you will see it, especially on Anime characters.

A tramp stamp is any tattoo on the lower back, typically one of the places where you can find this womb tattoo. The most common places for womb tattoos are on the lower abdomen, higher abdomen, or breast – any part that speaks sexually.

The color of these tattoos is often pink, red, or a variation between the two linking it to intimacy, love, or sexual pleasure. Some designs add bat or angel wings to the heart-tribal shape, which include Succubus, a sexual demon.

Womb Tattoo Meaning: Lesbian Sign

Because the womb tattoo stands for anything woman, feminine or inner beauty, lesbians have added something to the womb tattoo and claimed it as a sign of their chosen sexuality.

The womb tattoo with “Yuri,” a lily flower design, will turn this womb tattoo meaning into a lesbian one. The tattoo placement will typically be on the crotch, lower back, or chest.

Womb Tattoo Meaning: Feminism

The womb tattoo can also stand for feminism, inner strength recognition, or support for the cause. For example, some women go through a tough time and want something to indicate the strength that carried them through it.

Others support the motion of feminism, and even actors that stand for it, have small womb tattoos showing their support. These womb tattoos can be small or large, in any color on any body part. A popular place is an inner bicep or forearm.

Womb Tattoo Other Meanings

You might like the look of this tattoo, especially the artwork some artists can do with it. Some women use it to express their sensuality or to celebrate their gender. However, others might know the different meanings of this tattoo and judge you for it, even though you are not tying any purpose to it. If you are someone who doesn’t mind what others think, get your womb tattoo.

Pairing A Womb Tattoo With Another Tattoo

You can always pair a womb tattoo with another tattoo. It won’t change the meaning but only add to it. For the new life celebration womb tattoo, you can always add your next child’s name or birth date to the previous one, as each child is a miracle and needs its celebration.

For the Inmon womb tattoo, you can add whichever tattoo you want; the definition will still stand, except when adding a lily or lily design will change the meaning to a lesbian one. Also, the color of this tattoo, pink or red, will be easier to remove in the future if you would wish to do so or add another tattoo over this one to blemish it or underwrite it completely.

Supporting feminism would be the easiest way to add symbols like the two dot or three dot tattoo stating the continuation of your support or that you feel more assertive about it. You might want to add hearts or wings to accentuate the tattoo more in the future (this will only be to make it stand out more). Wings add the meaning of protection.

Does It Hurt To Get A Womb Tattoo?

A womb tattoo on the most common area, the lower abdomen or crotch area, will hurt. The site is sensitive, the skin is soft, and many nerve ends are situated here; thus, you might want to add a numbing cream beforehand. Please do not take painkillers or anti-inflammatory medication, as these will thin your blood and can cause excessive bleeding during the process.

If you don’t fancy getting a womb tattoo on the lower abdomen, the upper-outer thigh is an area not so painful for a tattoo. Other places that could qualify as less painful are the upper back or shoulder.


A womb tattoo is part of a niche group, and it might be for you or not. Other tattoos may portray the meaning you want, other than a womb tattoo. If you decide on one of these, ensure you choose the right design and placement to prevent distortion of the meaning.

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