Astronaut Tattoo Meaning

Astronaut tattoos are great pieces and look great almost everywhere on your body. With so many color choices alongside black, an astronaut tattoo could look stunning! However, many people are unaware of these beautiful space-themed tattoos’ complex and exciting meanings and misunderstand them. What is the meaning behind an astronaut tattoo?

An astronaut tattoo means somebody is an astronaut, want to become one, loves space, or has a family member or friend who has visited space. It could also mean they love science, freedom, or have big goals. It also means the person is courageous and adventurous or feels they don’t fit in on Earth.

Astronaut tattoos are truly beautiful, and they can have a deep meaning behind them. Stay with us as we describe the different meanings behind these tattoos to help you get a better idea!

The Meanings Of An Astronaut Tattoo

Getting a tattoo could be extremely painful, and it only makes them more special when the person has a valid reason. as such, astronaut tattoos symbolize some wonderful things, let’s take a look at them:

The Person Is An Astronaut

Suppose somebody has been to space and classifies as an astronaut. In that case, it only makes sense that they would want to get ink capturing an astronaut.

However, if this is the case, they may want to get a tattoo of themselves in their spacesuit or get a completely unique astronaut tattoo design.

However, in most cases, they will get something related to their training or the process of getting where they were.

You may more likely see an astronaut getting a NASA tattoo instead of a tattoo of an actual astronaut.

The Person Dreams Of Becoming An Astronaut

The second most popular and prominent meaning of an astronaut tattoo is that it relates to somebody wanting to be an astronaut.

Although this is generally the type of dream that is seen to be childlike, these people are the type who have kept this dream alive well past their childhood years and wants the world to be aware of it.

The wearer of an astronaut tattoo has thought about leaving orbit and perhaps even visiting the moon, capturing the image on their bodies.

In simple terms, the person could be a massive fan of astronauts and space and wants to show their support and love for those who have worked hard enough to explore space!

The Person Has Family Or Friends Who Have Gone To Space

An astronaut tattoo can also be worn by a person who has had one of their family members or a very good friend who has gone to space.

It means that the person respects and admires their profession and the sacrifices they have made to be part of such a massive and essential journey.

An Astronaut Tattoo Symbolizes Freedom

Many Americans regard astronauts as a symbol of freedom, so they will get an astronaut tattooed to show their patriotism.

America has gotten loads of respect worldwide for many things, but going to space was one of the most significant ones during the 20th century. These astronaut tattoos will usually be paired with the American flag.

An Astronaut Tattoo Means The Person Loves Science

Another meaning of an astronaut tattoo, although it is slightly rare, has a meaning to do with science fiction.

Since most things applicable to science fiction always happen in space, it is no surprise that sci-fi lovers and enthusiasts would want to get an astronaut tattoo design.

These tattoos could range from the most simple astronaut design to a much more complicated one, with moons, plants, and even galaxies!

The Person Has Significant Goals In Life

Somebody getting an astronaut inked on their body could also symbolize that they are, in a sense, “aiming for the stars.”

If a person gets an astronaut tattoo for this meaning, it will act as a reminder and motivation for them to go after and work for what they want in life.

The person may have important goals for the future, and if they look at their astronaut tattoo, they realize that just like the astronauts, they can also get what they dream of by working hard!

The Person Is Calm, Yet Courageous And Adventurous

Directly translated from ancient Greek, the word “astronaut” means universe and sailer. People who feel calm and quiet will get an astronaut tattoo precisely for this reason.

They always try their best to avoid any form of conflict and try not to provoke the people around them. However, these characteristics often don’t hold the person back from staying courageous, adventurous, and dedicated.

They are always ready to help somebody as much as they can, and they usually have a deep love and desire to travel the world and explore new things.

With so many questions about our universe and space, these people are curious, and instead of being scared, they always welcome the unknown.

The Person Doesn’t Feel Like They Fit In On Earth

Many people may feel like they don’t fit in, whether it is due to a lack of friends or understanding of the modern world.

In such cases, the person may feel like they do not belong on the planet and get an astronaut precisely for this reason.

Because astronauts are up in space, they have a much different mindset and perfective of the Earth than most other people, and floating in space could be a relaxing and rejuvenizing experience.

The tattoo may then act as a symbol to let the person feel better, as they realize that astronauts are alone in space, and even though they are alone, they are perfectly happy.


Any tattoo could hold significant meaning to the wearer, and when it comes to an astronaut tattoo, the wearer always has an applicable and deep meaning behind it.

So, the next time you see somebody who has an astronaut tattoo, why not ask them about the meaning? Chances are, they’d be delighted, and you may even get to know an astronaut in the process!

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