Spiral Tattoo Meaning

People have had spiral tattoos and images applied to their bodies since ancient times, especially through handpoking. However, we have invented the tattoo machine, and getting a tattoo has never been easier! Spiral tattoos have held sacred meanings for thousands of years, and you might be curious about the hype.

A spiral tattoo symbolizes the cycle of life, infinity, and the wearer’s spirituality. It represents nature and that the wearer is ready for anything, testament that they mastered their emotions. A spiral tattoo represents inner strength and how both good and evil have to coexist in the world.

Spiral tattoos look great and hold significant meaning, regardless of gender, religion, or orientation. Are you looking to get a spiral tattoo? Read all about the different meanings first!

The Meaning Of Spirals When Used As Tattoos

It was believed back in ancient times that the spiral symbol has great power and helps a person acquire special abilities. Although drawing a symbol may seem very simple, it’s a very common symbol in body painting and tattoos.

It is impossible to fill such an image for aesthetic reasons, and somebody should be aware when getting this symbol tattooed on their body.

The spiral tattoo could perform different functions, depending on where it’s applicated, and they can be designed in countless ways. The spiral tattoo has a vast concept, mainly because it’s often seen in our everyday surroundings, such as minerals, animals, plants, and anatomy.

A spiral reflects our life realities, including adventures, ups and downs, and life and death. It makes the wearer realize that they should never stop and quit or remain stuck in only one place in life. Life is a constant journey, and every experience we go through is part of the journey.

Let’s look into all the beautiful meanings behind the beautiful yet simple spiral tattoo: 

Spiral Tattoos Symbolize The Cycle Of Life

The spiral is direct visualization of the cycle of life and energies. A spiral tattoo indicates that the wearer believes in reincarnation and immortality.

Because the spital reflects the cynical nature of the process occurring everywhere in the Universe, the most narrow part of the spiral symbolizes constant movement.

This means that life will never stand still and move in a specific direction, starting at life but going far beyond death.

Spiral Tattoos As A Symbol Of Infinity

There are many tattoos made in the design of a closed spiral. In this case, a closed spiral is a symbol of infinity.

Because a closed spiral tattoo represents infinity, it means that life moves along a spiral, and nobody can go beyond this particular symbol.

A spiral tattoo is to preserve one’s internal energy. It helps the wearer remember not to waste any vital energy on unimportant situations and things and not to be a source of nutrition for negative energies and evil spirits.

The Spiral Tattoo Indicates The Wearer’s Deep Spirituality

A spiral tattoo can also indicate an individual’s deep connection to spirituality. People with a profound spiritual sense mostly rely on intuition and feelings.

For them, the moral side of the story is much more critical and applicable than rationalism.

The owner of a spiral tattoo has a sixth sense: they have compassion, strive to help everyone, and can feel others’ energies impacting them.

The Spiral Tattoo Represents Nature

A spiral structure is the most commonly found shape in nature, such as DNA, along with many other microstructures found in biological cells that adopt this structure.

As such, a spiral tattoo has connotations toward our beautiful nature, and the wearer praises and thanks the Universe.

A Spiral Tattoo Means The Wearer Is Ready To For Anything

The spiral tattoo’s origin was all about developing the volitional qualities of a person. A person who has a great fear of something, no matter what it is, could use a spiral tattoo to help them cope with the anxiety.

A spiral tattoo is aimed at opening the third chakra, and if the owner of the tattoo masters the third chakra, they will begin to feel more open.

The wearer can begin to feel the endless enjoyment of their lives, gaining satisfaction in their personal or professional life, and becoming ready for anything life may decide to throw at them.

For such people, the constant need for validation and to prove to others they are right will completely disappear.

A Spiral Tattoo Is A Testament Of Controlling Your Emotions

A spiral tattoo could also be a testament that the wearer has become the master of their own emotions. A spiral tattoo symbolizes mental and physical health stability, creating perfect outer and inner harmony.

Such a tattoo can rid a person of envy, blind love, arrogance, and greed. A spiral symbol could help to establish well-balanced relationships with family and friends, allowing the wearer to gain sensuality and self-respect.

A Spiral Tattoo Is A Symbol Of One’s Inner Strength

A spiral tattoo could mean that a person who has endured trauma and hardships has come out better than the other side. A spiral tattoo could help the wearer hold on to that feeling of inner strength and eliminate the fear of failure.

A Spiral Tattoo Explains How Good And Evil Are Needed

Lastly, a tattoo of a spiral could also be built on the whole philosophy of yin and yang.

A compressed spiral tattoo could symbolize that we need evil in this world just as much as we need good, as it helps to create a perfect balance in the Universe, and credit is one of the critical fundamentals of the spiral tattoo.

If we don’t know about all the evil that is constantly around us, we will not be able to appreciate the good for what it is.

This would make the spiral tattoo the ideal tattoo for a person who has turned their life around for the better.


Spiral tattoos are simple designs, but their meanings go far beyond our comprehension. If you have resonated with any of the above meanings and feel like they apply to you, a spiral tattoo may be the perfect idea for your next ink!

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