Fox Tattoo Meaning

Foxes are attractive animals that symbolize many different things in different cultures. Fox tattoos can be done in color to create amazing works of art that portray the rich colors of a fox’s coat. Some people prefer to stick to a black outline of a fox or even choose a geometric representation of a fox. The meaning of fox tattoos is as varied as the number of different types of foxes.

Fox tattoos vary according to the culture. They can indicate cunning, trickery, and the ability always to succeed. For some, a fox tattoo indicates resourcefulness, beauty, and creativity. Fox tattoos can be combined with other animals or images to influence the tattoo’s meaning.  

You can choose a fox tattoo to display a specific meaning, or you may choose it because you like foxes. It is always interesting to know the meaning of tattoos and to avoid potential problems by inadvertently conveying a meaning you do not intend.

The Sly Fox Tattoo Meaning

Foxes feature in many European folk legends and tales. In these stories, foxes are often regarded as sly creatures that use their cunning to come out on top.

In some tales, the fox is regarded as an unscrupulous predator who succeeds at whatever cost. Criminals may choose to tattoo a fox to indicate that they always achieve what they set out to do.

Foxes may also be regarded favorably and considered wily rather than sly. A fox tattoo can indicate the person is sensible, not easily duped, and wise to someone trying to con them.

Fox Tattoo Indicating A Loner     

Some people choose a fox tattoo to indicate they are independent loners. They can look after themselves and will always survive. They prefer to function as individuals and are not influenced by social pressures.

For these people, their fox tattoo may show that they are independent thinkers that follow their own path. They choose not to be heavily involved in society.

A Fox Tattoo Showing Beauty

Foxes are often very beautiful animals with richly colored coats. Some people may choose a fox tattoo to showcase beauty. They may see this as personal physical beauty or inner beauty. For some, a fox tattoo may even represent the beauty of nature.

Fox tattoos chosen to indicate beauty are generally colored and show a high degree of artistic ability. They can be stunning art works and often include elaborate backgrounds, making the tattoo bold and easily noticed.

Women who choose fox tattoos to show beauty may also have a secondary meaning. They want people to know that although they are beautiful, they are not vulnerable or unable to defend themselves. They are smart, savvy people that are effective in the world.

Fox Tattoo To Show Creativity

Fox tattoos may be chosen by someone who wants to make a statement about creativity and artistry. They wish to show that being free to express themselves is vitally important. Color and form impact these people tremendously.

A fox tattoo that indicates creativity is often done using a watercolor style. This eye-catching technique is done using watered-down colored inks. It is often used for whimsical images that give an impression of movement and life.

What Does A Geometric Fox Tattoo Mean?

Geometric fox tattoos can be of just the fox head or the entire fox. They symbolize that the person is well-traveled, has multicultural knowledge, and may speak several languages.

What Is the Meaning Of A Bear And Fox Tattoo?

Bears and foxes are often closely associated with magic, specifically protective magic. Combining the two animals in a tattoo indicates that the person has magical abilities or is protected by magic.

Having a tattoo of a bear and fox will bring you good fortune in love, health, and finances as these two animals turn bad luck into good.  

What Does An Owl And Fox Tattoo Mean?

Foxes and owls are both night creatures and can indicate that the person prefers anonymity or avoids being the center of attention.

The owl is widely accepted as a symbol of wisdom in European culture. Combining an owl’s wisdom with a fox’s inventiveness shows someone who has the wisdom to think creatively and solve problems quickly.

What Does A Wolf And Fox Tattoo Indicate?

Wolves are regarded as protectors of the forest and wildlife. They are also known for being fiercely protective of their pack. Combining a wolf with a fox indicates that the person is concerned with protecting innocent people and will fight for justice.

It also shows that the person will protect their family and homes using any means necessary. Some environmentalists choose fox and wolf tattoos to symbolize the struggle to protect and preserve the environment and wildlife.

Fox And Flowers Tattoo

 Foxes are often combined with flowers in tattoos. The choice of the flower makes a subtle difference to the meaning. Generally, any flower with a fox symbolizes fertility, health, and prosperity. The combination of a fox and a flower is popular with businessmen in some cultures.

A fox with a rose symbolizes someone lucky in romantic relationships. If the rose is near the fox’s mouth, the person is charming or can make people love them.

A fox with a dandelion can indicate someone who has faced adversity and overcome it using their wits and wisdom. 

A fox combined with a daisy may show someone who has prospered through hard work and good sense.

What Does A Japanese Fox Tattoo Mean?

In Japanese culture, a nine-tailed fox, known as a kitsune, symbolizes age and wisdom. The fox is said to grow a new tail for each century it has lived, and the wisdom attained during that century.

Kitsune are magical tricksters that punish proud and deceitful people. They are faithful to friends and protect humble good people. Tattoos of kitsune reflect all these qualities. People who want to show loyalty and benevolence may get a kitsune tattoo.

Vigilantes or people in law enforcement may also get a nine-tailed fox tattoo as they punish the wicked while protecting the good.


Foxes make appealing tattoos. They can be combined with other images to enhance or alter the tattoo’s meaning. Using different tattoo techniques can also show different qualities of the fox symbolism. 

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