Can Tattoos Cover Stretch Marks?

After my pregnancy, I developed a significant number of stretch marks on my arms and abdomen. I often spent most of my savings on the purchase of the cover-up creams and ointments to try to hide those blemishes. My confidence levels were at their all-time low, and I was determined to find a more permanent solution. I had many questions, one of them, Can Tattoos Cover Stretch Marks?

Tattoos can most certainly cover up stretch marks caused by skin stretching due to increased cortisone levels in the body. How well the stretch mark is covered up depends on the extent of the stretch mark, the type of tattoo that you select, and the tattoo artist.

When I looked at those deep scars on my abdomens and arms, I became convinced that any form of tattoo would cause further damage to the skin surface. If you are curious like me to know which tattoos would offer the best cover-up, as well as the recovery period involved in getting a tattoo, then join me as we delve deeper into gaining more insight.

Is It Safe To Cover Up Stretch Marks With A Tattoo?

The safety factor was one that I questioned the tattoo artist about before getting the tattoo. As a backup precaution, I also consulted my doctor to find out. The answer gave me confidence that a tattoo over a stretch mark is 100% safe.

On areas where the stretch mark has caused a deep scar, there might be some trouble for the skin to accept the ink in these areas. It is often the case that a follow-up to touch upon these surfaces is usually required.

Are Tattoos Over Stretch Marks Painful?

A tattoo over a stretch mark can be more painful due to the nerve endings in stretch marks being more sensitive. The ink tends to get distorted over the stretch marks. It means that the tattoo artist has to go in a little deeper to ensure that the ink is more visible.

A professional tattoo artist will recommend that you wait for the scar to heal entirely before opting for a tattoo over the stretch mark. It is not advisable to tattoo over a fresh stretch mark, as the skin is more sensitive.   Hence, it is advisable to allow a fresh stretch mark to heal completely for a year before tattooing over it.

New stretch marks are also harder to work with from the artist’s perspective. Healed stretch marks will take the ink better without the tattoo looking distorted.

What Is the Cost To Tattoo Over A Stretch Mark?

Tattooing over a stretch mark can be an expensive treatment. Therefore, you should get a few quotations before settling on a tattoo artist. The starting costs of a tattoo over a stretch mark can cost in the region of 3500 dollars. If the area is more extensive and the stretch marks are more prominent, the cost can be more expensive.

Apart from the initial cost, there are also additional touch-up costs. Due to the damaged skin, a tattoo over a stretch mark can last for three to five years, which is less permanent than tattooing over a smooth skin surface.

Red or purple stretch marks and stretch marks that are more prominent are generally more of a challenge for the tattoo artist and can often cost more than the faded stretch marks. Tattooing over a stretch mark can be an excellent way to camouflage the stretch mark. The effectiveness of the camouflage will be largely dependant on the below factors;

  • The area surrounding the stretch mark
  • The width and length of the stretch mark
  • The color of the stretch mark
  • The texture of the stretch mark

It is best for the stretch marks to have faded to a silvery-white color before tattooing over it. Even a tattoo artist that is highly skilled might have a challenge in tattooing over bumpy, raised stretch marks.

Although a tattoo can never wholly hide a stretch mark, a good tattoo artist will ensure that the stretch marks are blended into the design of the tattoo so that the stretch marks are not visible.

Can Stretch Marks Appear After Cover-Up with A Tattoo?

A stretch mark will appear as long as there is a possibility of pregnancy or obesity. Like you would not want to stretch out a canvas or a painting, I am sure you do not wish to stretch out a tattoo. A skilled artist can repair stretch marks over a tattoo, which would mean added pain and cost.

Popular Tattoos To Cover Up Stretch Marks

The tattoo artist will advise on the most suitable tattoo after carefully examining and accessing the stretch mark. He might also decide to take a picture of the stretch mark area on the first consultation to plan a design around the width and length of the stretch mark.

The stretch marks, especially on the abdomen, are widely spread, and the tattoo artist will often use elaborate designs to try to cover up these stretch marks. Some of the popular cover-up stretch mark tattoos are;

  • The most popular design for Long Scar Or Stretch Mark Areas is flowery cover designs with elaborate petals.
  • Peacock feather tattoos with various colors provide an excellent cover-up for stretch marks.
  • A popular design for stretch marks on thighs is a bouquet surrounded by a heart.
  • The rose or sunflower tattoo is excellent for cover-up of stretch marks on the side of the abdomen, creating a blooming effect towards the middle of the stomach.
  • A delicate appearance of a butterfly in colors of your choice provides the perfect camouflage for stretch marks on the lower part of your abdomen or back.
  • The cherry tree is one of the prettiest trees to provide the perfect abdomen stretch mark cover-up.
  • Stretch marks tell a story, and what better way than to tell your story by celebrating your account than to tattoo a tree with roots, combined with leaves and a spectacular array of colorful flowers.


Tattoos have transformed from just being body art to a lesser form of plastic surgery to help camouflage the scarring effect that stretch marks often leave. Although it is a painful and expensive process, the results achieved from the cover-up tattoo are a worthy investment for beauty and improving self-confidence.

Find the perfect tattoo artist to wave his magic ink wand, and before you know it, you will have the ideal tattoo blend for the stretch mark. Almost as if the stretch mark never existed.


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