can you get a tattoo over frecles answered

Want A Tattoo Over Freckles? 3 Things To Consider

People like me who have been accumulating freckles over the last couple of decades will know there are certain things we don’t do. We have to look after our skin just a little more than the rest of society; however, if you are daring like me and want a tattoo over your freckles, there are three things to consider.

You can definitely tattoo over your freckles as it is not considered any different from tattooing on normal skin. Here are the basic three things to consider when wanting to tattoo over freckles: your tattoo color and design, which the artist will be, and how the sun changes your freckles.

Usually, freckled persons have much fairer skin, possibly green or blue eyes, and red or strawberry blonde hair. We have to protect our skin much more from the sun and always apply sunscreen, usually wear a hat or a cap, and rarely wear yellow or red clothing. Luckily tattooing over freckles bypasses the last rule, and if your artist has enough experience, you can be assured to have a remarkable result.

can you get a tattoo over frecles answered
An example of tattoo over freckles from

What Are Freckles And Why You Should Think About Them Before A Tattoo?

Freckles are concentrated melanized cells that appear in clusters and are usually more visible on fair or light-skinned people, although they are common in all ethnicities.

Freckles are melanocyte cells that overproduce melanin granules,  which change the outer skin cell coloration.

Freckles are formed when the skin gets exposed to sunlight, and the UB-V radiation activates the melanocyte cells to produce more melanin. Having freckles does not mean you are ill or have a skin disorder, but it does mean you will be more affected by UV radiation than people without them.

There are two freckles, one type is caused by sun damage, and the other is genetic. They are easy to identify.

What Type Of Freckles Do You Have?

Until now, all freckles to me were the same thing, brownish-reddish spots on the skin that made my life difficult at school. There are, however, two different varieties of freckles, namely;

1. Lentigines

Sometimes these can be due to a rare genetic syndrome, but usually, solar lentigos are where you have had a previous sunburn that damaged the skin. Darker patches will form, and unlike normal freckles, these typically do not fade when they have less sun exposure or during winter. This could essentially translate to permanent skin damage.

2. Ephilides

This is what normal freckles are known as. They are almost always flat on the skin and can be various shades such as reddish, light brown, tan, or dark brown. It is not uncommon to see a mixture of different color freckles on one person. They are almost as unique as fingerprints. These freckles are almost always hereditary.

First Thing To Consider When Tattooing Over Freckles – The Tattoo Design

Choosing a tattoo design is a personal thing, usually to express individuality, to commemorate an event in your life that was significant, or, in some cases, as an act of rebellion. The design will depend on your own style, belief, and the message you want it to portray.

Dark ink can cover some of your freckles
Dark colors are a good way to cover some freckles by tattoo

Start with the basics of doing some online research if there is a specific topic or idea you have, look at designs, and start making a folder of things you like. Remember never to copy another artist’s work; ask your tattoo artist to design something unique from what you present to them.

There are so many tattoo styles to choose from; with a little planning and forecasting, you can lay out your tattoos for the foreseeable future if you wish to stick to one type.

With the style choice, you will also have the option of black and grey or full-color tattoos, and this will also significantly change the way your freckles are either hidden or enhanced.

If you want to hide or cover up some freckles on your arms, for example, you could consider using darker colors like blues, purples, and darker greens. White and yellow hues will let the freckles show through nicely if you do not want to cover them up.

Tattoo Styles You Can Consider For Freckles

Here are a few styles of tattoos you can consider looking at if you are not sure of designs;

  • Classic Americana. If you are not covering up, you can stagger this style to create spaces in between that still show off your freckles.
  • Trash Polka. This style is very bold and will not cover up freckles totally. It usually consists of red, black, and grey ink.
  • Blackwork. Essentially this style uses just black ink with a variety of designs that can range from shapes to images.
  • Portraiture. When done by a fine art tattoo artist, this style can look fabulous over freckles.
  • New School. This is a tremendously colorful style that incorporates imaginary worlds and cartoon-like characters.
  • Japanese. Traditional Japanese-style tattoos have bold designs and rich colors and cover some freckles while showing off others.

Tattoo Colors That Work Best With Freckles

Depending on if you want to hide/cover up your freckles or show them off, the following table will give you some ideas on color use;

Black or shades of dark greyWhite ink shows freckles off beautifully.
Shades of midnight and dark blueYellow
Dark purpleLight blue
Emerald GreenPink and rose

The second Thing To Consider – The Tattoo Artist

Is there really a difference between artists? Yes, most definitely. If you have many freckles, like me, you need to make some inquiries at the studios you have looked at and speak to them concerning your freckles. You don’t want to walk out looking like somebody slapped you with a wet newspaper.

An artist that has tattooed on freckled skin will most probably look at yours to get an overview of the freckle patterns, areas where they appear denser, and if there might be any moles in between.

Dark ink can be a good solution for tattoo over freckles
Example of tattoo over freckles on the ankle from posted by xXMaryJaneHollandXx

A good artist will pay attention to placement, your skin tone as well as the tattoo design. What will it look like afterward and ultimately once it has healed?.

The other important thing the artist should discuss with you is if you are having only the current tattoo in mind or planning on adding more as time passes. This will influence placement and design.

If you want something personally designed, the artist can take measurements and freehand sketch a design you prefer.

Third Thing To Consider – Aftercare And Sun Exposure Of The Tattoo Over Freckles

Just like any fresh tattoo, having one done over freckles will be no different. It would be best if you stick to a  very disciplined aftercare routine to ensure your skin art’s healing goes smoothly.

As a person with freckles, you will most likely have more sensitive skin to start with. Your new tattoo must be completely healed, scab free and have had the last peeling before you expose it to direct sunlight. Always cover your tattoo with an excellent sunscreen that contains a high UV factor.

Tatto with dark and black ink over freckles
Tattoo over freckles from posted by Sarah St. Pierre

A tattoo on fair skin will stand out quite a bit, and mostly if it is done in color, good aftercare will ensure your tattoo looks brand new and fresh for years to come. 

Please follow the aftercare instructions your artist recommends to you. Apply the lotion as directed, and do not pick or pull on any scabs that form. Do not soak in the bath until the final peel has taken place. You can expect to have a fully healed tattoo about 14 days after the appointment. Afterward, when you run your palm over the area, and the skin feels smooth, it is a good indication that it is healed.

A New Trend – Having Freckles Tattooed On

A relatively new trend has surfaced in the cosmetic world; people who have flawless skin want to have freckles. There was a period when they would be applied with henna for fun, but lately, they are becoming more permanent.

Cosmetic tattooing is a little different from going to your local artist and having freckles put over your nose and cheeks. You will need to look for a cosmetic tattooist or permanent makeup artist; they usually specialize in microblading the eyebrows.

If you consider getting a facial tattoo...
If you want a facial tattoo, go to a recommended artist. It is about your face

Firstly you need to visit the studio, make sure the space is sterile and spotless. Ask to see a portfolio of previous work done, and when possible, read any reviews you may find online. Always go to a recommended artist even if it costs more. This is your face, after all.

Facial tattoos are not permanent; instead, they are classified as semi-permanent in the same way microblading your eyebrows would be. Let us look at other facts around freckle tattoos;

  • Short Term. Freckle tattoos are semi-permanent. They last around two years and will have to be re-applied.
  • Single needle application. The application method is usually done by hand and with a single needle in a more traditional way.
  • Healing time. Healing for facial freckle tattoos takes around 3 to 5 days for complete healing.
  • No makeup. Be aware that you will not be able to wear any makeup for around ten days until it has fully healed.
  • Color match. The ink used for the freckle tattoos will be matched with your skin tone. Black ink freckles are not recommended for very light skin.
  • Aftercare. You need to follow the same diligent aftercare routine as with a standard tattoo. Hygiene and moisturize as directed by your artist.
  • Numbing cream. Most cosmetic tattooists will apply the numbing cream after the freckle tattoos have been used and not beforehand.
  • Pain. Having freckles tattooed on is not a painless procedure, albeit not as painful as a regular tattoo session.

Several studios offer freckle tattoos; read their reviews and visit them if this is something you might consider. It is definitely a trend that will remain.

I Have Moles Between My Freckles-Now What, Can I Get A Tattoo?

Typically most people have at least one mole, and I know a few people with so many moles that they tend to have the same appearance as freckles. There are some differences between moles and freckles, and you should be aware of them before you head off to the tattoo studio;

A good idea will be to consult a dermatologist if you are unsure about any mark on your skin.

Tend to be hereditary.Tend to be hereditary.
Is mostly raised from the base of the skin.Is flat and in the skin.
It cannot be tattooed over.It can be tattooed over.
Range of colors like black, brown, red, tan.Usually orange, tan, and brown.
Can change shape if malignant.Doesn’t change shape.

Is A Mole And A Beauty Spot The Same Thing?

In essence, a mole and a beauty spot are the same things; what makes it a beauty spot is its placement. There are quite a few famous models and actresses who sport what we consider to be a beauty spot or mark.

What Can I Tattoo That Will Incorporate My Moles And Freckles?

A more unconventional approach to a tattoo and having many moles between your freckles is to have them joined to one another with a constellation-style tattoo. That way, you enhance the moles, and it is visually appealing.

Another quirky tattoo idea is to have a join-the-dots tattoo done with your freckles, it might not be for everyone, but it’s a great conversation piece and a fun party trick.

Your mole can be a creative part of your tattoo
If you are not shy about your moles, you can use them as a creative part of your tattoo – picture from

Using white-only ink in between your moles can create a really stunning design, and if you are not shy about your moles, the white ink will show them off beautifully.

You cannot tattoo over moles because of the difference in the cell type that creates the mole vs. a freckle. Moles that change shape can signify that it is becoming malignant and will need to be looked at by a dermatologist.

If you get a  tattoo over a mole, although not impossible but impractical, the cells will absorb the ink very differently from the skin around it, and you might not get a good result. If the mole should start growing or changing color or shape, you might not notice it in time.

If you feel itchy moles or are worried about some of the moles or darker freckles on your skin, rather be safe and make an appointment with a dermatologist to have it seen. You can have it removed safely, and once the area is healed and the skin is no longer red, you may then proceed to tattoo over that area.

Darker freckles may also be the lentigines and, like the mole, should not really be tattooed overdue to the difference in the area’s cellular makeup.


Having a better overview of what freckles are, what type you might have, you can confidently start planning your tattoo.

Remember that every skin type is different, even when having freckles. It would be best if you always took care of your own skin because you are familiar with products and lotions that affect you. Carefully research the artist that you will trust to tattoo over your freckles and make sure they understand what your needs are and that they have tattoos over freckles before.

With having fair skin and freckles, make sure that you always keep a close eye on your freckles. If any of them feel different, raised, or change color, make an appointment to see your dermatologist for a checkup.

As you can see, you can, without a doubt, tattoo over freckles provided they are ephelides; there is no difference between tattooing on freckled skin than clear skin. The most important thing to remember is that your aftercare routine must be followed to the letter. Instead, wait a little longer before venturing out in the sun. Always apply excellent sunscreen, and you will have great-looking tattoos and be able to enjoy your beautiful artwork for years to come.

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