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Can You Get A Piercing And Tattoo On The Same Day?

You have decided to get a tattoo and a piercing, but you have some questions. Is it a good idea to get them both on the same day or not? If you do, how will the healing process work, and will it take longer to heal? Will there be a higher chance of something going wrong? Let us find out.

You can get a tattoo and piercing on the same day, given that you are not tattooing and piercing in the same area as this can cause issues with both. If you speak to your artist and are sure you know the aftercare for both procedures and follow them to the letter, then you should be fine.

Both tattoos and piercings are body modifications that need some research before you commit. There are several basic but important things to be aware of before making the big decision about getting a piercing and a tattoo, especially if you want to get them on the same day.

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Considerations For a Same-Day Piercing And Tattoo

If you have good pain tolerance and you have spoken to your piercing and tattoo studio about the whole process, and you are committed enough to give the proper care needed for both, then you can get a piercing and a tattoo on the same day.

Even though you can get a tattoo and piercing on the same day, there are some important considerations to go over before you decide on going through with getting multiple body modifications on the same day.

Where Do You Want Your Tattoo And Piercing?

If you want them in the same or in a similar location on your body, then you should get one first and let it heal and then go back for the other one in a few weeks.

If you do not leave any time for the healing process and you get both on the same day and also in the same location, this can cause complications with the healing process and can cause an infection to develop as your body will struggle to heal both at the same time if they are in the same area.

This could also cause your body to reject your piercing as there is too much pressure on your body’s immune system.

Why Rush Your Body Modifications?

Are you having a rebellious stage of your life and just want to get as many body modifications as possible? Or did you make some extra cash recently that is burning a hole in your jeans pocket? Otherwise, do you want to get them done before you spend the money on something else?

If you are going through a certain stage of your life and you want to start piercing and tattooing your body, please do not rush into a decision as body modifications are a serious commitment, and you do not want to regret a rushed decision later in life especially if the decision did not need to be rushed in the first place.

Cost Considerations For Body Modifications

If the decision is about money, be sure you can really afford to get both on the same day, as body modifications can be quite costly. It would be advisable to get one first, and then next month getting the other.

Remember that you get the quality that you pay for, so do not go to a cheaper studio just so you can do both on the same day as this can cause issues such as wrong placement, and if they use sub-quality jewelry, it can lead to infection or your piercing being rejected by your body.

Another thing to consider is your current health. If you have a medical condition that lowers your immunity, then maybe you should reconsider getting both body modifications on the same day or even in the same week or month.

If you do have lowered immunity, then please consult a medical professional before trying any body modifications. You need to take care that your body is well enough to be able to heal a piercing and tattoo in one go.

Make sure you have access to a studio that is highly knowledgeable in both piercing and tattooing. Do your research on who works there and who you would like to perform your body modifications before you go and see them. A professional studio will follow proper protocols to make sure you are safe and that you have a good experience.

Tattoo And Piercing Healing For Same-Day Work

Once you have a tattoo, the outer layer of your skin will likely be healed in two to three weeks, and while it may feel completely healed after this, the deeper layers of skin will still be healing. The deeper layers of skin can take up to six months to completely heal.

Once your tattoo is completed, your tattoo artist will bandage the area, and you need to leave this bandage on for a few hours or however long your artist suggests.

Once the bandage is off, your tattoo is considered an open wound, and your body will be responding to the injury. You may have some redness, as well as swelling and inflammation. You may feel a burning sensation too. If you want to get a piercing over or around the same location as your new tattoo at this stage, your body will most likely react negatively. You increase the risks of infection, and you could damage your new tattoo.

With piercings, the healing time may differ depending on the location of the piercing. Some locations are more prone to getting infections or other problems. Ear lobe piercings can take around six weeks to heal. Cartilage piercings can take a bit longer, anywhere between four months to one year, before they have healed completely.

The reason that there is such a difference in healing time is that the various types of tissue in each area of the body heal at different rates. The amount of pressure that the piercing is put under in different locations during activities such as sleeping is different too. Too much pressure on a new piercing during the healing process can cause the piercing to be rejected by your body.

So it is not a good idea to get a tattoo over or in the location around a fresh piercing as this will irritate the piercing and put pressure on it as the tattooed area swells.

Tips For Staying Safe With Tattoos And Piercings

First, do your research. Research is an important part of any body modification. You should research the studios in your area and who works there and then research the artist’s work too.

You want to make sure you are going to someone that is professional and knows what they are doing, with many years in the business. Someone with this experience will look after you and make you feel comfortable during both procedures if you are getting tattooed and pierced at the same time.

Make sure you speak to your artists to confirm that the locations of your body modifications will not interfere with each other. You and your artists want the best results for you, and they can guide you to make the best choice for your body.

A professional artist will use new and clean gloves during any body modification and will open the fresh tattoo or piercing needles in front of you so you can ensure that they are new and sanitized. If the artist does not do this, maybe you picked the wrong studio, but if you still feel comfortable with the artist, then ask them to do this for your own peace of mind.

Make sure you know how to look after your tattoo and piercing, especially if you are getting them at the same time. You do not want to risk anything going wrong, so ask your artist questions and make sure you understand everything they tell you to do.


It is possible to get tattooed and pierced on the same day; however, there are a few things you need to consider before doing so to make sure you get the best results from both.

If you have the capacity to take care of them properly and have spoken to your artists to make sure you are aware of the possible dangers to be able to make an informed decision, then there is no reason why you cannot get both.

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