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Is It Good Luck To Get An Evil Eye Tattoo?

As a symbol found in many forms around the world, some form of the evil eye can be recognized in every culture. Although there isn’t scientific explanation, this emblem has been universally associated with protection from bad luck and the envy of others. Although the evil eye charm brings protection in its material form, is it good luck to get an evil eye tattoo?

The evil eye is deeply embedded in almost all cultures as a powerful symbol believed to ward off and provide protection against bad luck. Thus, getting the evil eye tattoo designs is said to provide permanent spiritual protection from the evil eye curse and bring luck to the one who has it.

Some believe that an evil eye tattoo designs brings bad luck, black magic; however, this superstition is not aligned with the original meaning behind this powerful symbol. However, different religions or cultures can hold slightly differing views on the powers and meaning of eye idols symbols, so it is important to investigate its connotations to your personal beliefs.

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Is It Good Luck To Get An Evil Eye Tattoo Designs

The evil eye talisman is commonly worn in the form of a pendant, bracelet, rings, earrings, etc. The charm holds an integral place in many cultures and protects the wearer from malicious intent. However, the meaning of this symbol has transformed in the modern-day. Now it is seen as a symbol of good luck as opposed to its original role as a protector against bad luck.

This tattoo is a popular choice due to its simplicity and boldness and the meaning and message of protection and good fortune. It doesn’t matter whether you wear this symbol for its original purpose of protection, as a sign of good luck, or just because you like it, as long as you are happy with what you are putting on your body.

The Reality Of Getting Symbols Tattooed in Modern Times

Ever since tattoos have appeared and began to gain popularity in society, people have been getting symbols inked into their skin. While this is often a beautiful sign of respect for their beliefs or a spiritual barrier to protection, symbol tattoo designs can go wrong.

Research is a crucial part of getting a symbol tattooed onto your body. People will get cool-looking symbols without fully knowing or understanding the meaning of the tattoo designs. When they learn that the symbol holds undesirable connotations, they are often left looking to remove or cover up their mistake. This stresses the importance of doing diligent research before getting anything tattooed.

Further, getting a symbol tattoo ‘activates’ its powers, and this cannot be reversed. Tying in with the importance of knowing what the symbol stands for, you want to be certain of the energy you are going to be bringing into your life. Give a symbol tattoo designs careful consideration before committing to what could be a fleeting or hate-fuelled belief.

What Does An Evil Eye Tattoo Mean?

Depending on the chosen tattoo designs, the meaning of an eye tattoo can vary. There are several popular tattoo designs, including the Evil Eye, the Eye of Horus, and the Third Eye. Despite all the different shapes and sizes they come in, eye tattoos are generally associated with protection, guidance, knowledge, and clarity.

The evil eye tattoo can come in many different forms, with the eye being the most integral part of the design. This tattoo serves the dual process of enhancing the appearance and guarding against evil. A design of the evil tattoo in combination with another symbol can represent various things.

  • Teardrop: An evil eye with a teardrop represents tears shed for protection against danger and loss, symbolizing the evil eye’s ability to protect loved ones.
  • Hamsa Hand: The hand is an ancient Middle Eastern symbol of protection.
  • Rays of Light: This is symbolic of the life energy the evil eye protects from harm.
  • Triskelion:  This three-armed spiral represents many rules of three, including life, death, and rebirth. This reflects how the evil eye provides protection throughout one’s lifetime.
  • Star: Stars are associated with magic and power, relating to the spiritual protection offered by the evil eye.
  • Three Dots: In accordance with Italian culture, this symbol represents the Trinity of Good Fortune.

Although the evil eye talisman can come in any color, blue is the most popular. Blue is symbolic of spirituality and inner peace, making its protective abilities ideal in a symbol designed to be a shield from negative energy.

It is crucial that you carefully choose the design and color of your tattoo based on your personal beliefs and interpretation of the evil eye’s meaning and purpose.

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The Evil Eye Curse And Protection

Many cultures worldwide and throughout history believed that bad thoughts and an evil or envious glare could be directed at someone could curse that person with bad luck and harm in many forms. There are multiple terms for this phenomenon, the most recognized one being “evil eye.” Thus, the very symbol believed to provide protection from this glare is also called the “evil eye,” or the Greek “meta,” or the Italian “malocchio.”

Belief in the curse and protection of the evil eye dates back to the 6th century B.C. at least. It is referenced by classical authors like Plato, Hesiod, and Plutarch, who attempted to both describe and explain its function. At the time, Plutarch stated that eyes were the sole source of deadly rays that one could shoot like darts at a person with a malevolent glare.

In other words, the evil eye curse is the name for being afflicted by Raja-Tama vibrations generated by jealousy, hatred, and similar feelings which were sent your way by someone else. Many disregard the evil eye and its protection from what they think is a ridiculous superstition; however, they fail to recognize the various aspects of the spiritual dimension that can directly affect people.

The evil eye talisman or amulet was designed in the shape of an eye with the traditional colors of blue or green and indicated spiritual protection. This symbol is believed to repel the curse of the evil eye and protect the owner and their home from bad luck and misfortune.


Generally, an evil eye tattoo is a symbol of protection or a sign of good luck. However, everyone’s personal beliefs and interpretation of the evil eye will alter whether they think of this tattoo as a sign of good or bad luck.


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