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Does Vegan Tattoo Ink Fade Faster? Check With Me!

Living a vegan lifestyle can sometimes be more complicated than simply not eating animal products or by-products – for instance, vegans also cannot use normal tattoo ink as it contains many animal products such as bone and gelatin. Thankfully, there is vegan tattoo ink on the market as a viable alternative for vegans. The question is, does vegan tattoo ink fade faster?

Vegan tattoo ink does not fade any faster than regular tattoo ink that contains animal products would. Your tattoo fading will come down to your aftercare of the tattoo, sun exposure, and poor-quality ink. High-quality vegan tattoo ink will last just as long as high-quality regular tattoo ink.

A tattoo that is done with poor-quality ink, vegan or not, will usually start to fade far quicker than a tattoo done with high-quality tattoo ink. High-quality vegan ink does not fade any quicker than a regular tattoo ink would so let’s take a look at why people may think that it does.

Why Vegan Tattoo Ink Does Not Fade Faster

Vegan ink does not fade any faster than regular tattoo ink does. Vegan ink, although it uses alternatives, still contains all the ingredients needed to make a reliable, long-lasting tattoo ink.

Vegan ink still has a stabilizer, which is made out of vegetable-based glycerin instead of glycerin that has been derived from animals and other similar replacements. 

The vegan alternatives have not taken away from the quality of the ink at all, which means that the tattoo ink will not fade any faster just by simply not having any animal products in it.

There is no reason for people to believe that vegan ink would fade faster than regular ink, especially given that there is no evidence to suggest that it would.

High-quality tattoo ink is high-quality tattoo ink, and as long as the tattoo is taken care of well after it has been done, it will not fade more than a normal tattoo is expected to fade over time.

How Long Does Vegan Tattoo Ink Last?

Since vegan tattoo ink will last just as long as regular tattoo ink, your tattoo that is done using vegan ink will last your whole life.

All tattoos will eventually begin to fade, though, and vegan tattoo ink will not make any difference in that sad reality. However, as with all tattoos, there are many proven ways to help prevent major fading and keep your tattoo looking as fresh and new as possible for as long as possible.

Take Care Of Your Skin

Taking care of your skin, especially any tattooed areas of skin is the best thing that you can do for your tattoo to help prevent fading.

Vegan tattoo ink is, again, no exception to this rule. All vegan tattoos will still need to be taken care of well in the years to come to ensure they last as long as possible without fading.

Do Vegan Tattoos Require Special Aftercare?

Vegan tattoos do not need any special kind of treatment above what you would give a normal tattoo.

The only difference required would be ensuring that all aftercare products that you will use in the healing process of your tattoo are vegan-friendly products.

An example of an amazing vegan alternative to tattoo aftercare is essential oils.

Essential oils have proven benefits in the healing process, such as making your tattoo retain the ink better and therefore helping keep your tattoo more vibrant, preventing infections, keeping your tattoo moisturized, and more.

However, essential oils are not the only vegan aftercare products that are available for your healing process; in fact, there are many brands that offer 100% vegan and cruelty-free tattoo aftercare products, so you will have plenty of options to choose from.

Other than making sure that the products that you choose to use are vegan, the aftercare routine will be the same as non-vegan tattoos:

  • Keep your tattoo as clean as possible 
  • Wash is with a gentle anti-bacterial soap twice a day (patting dry immediately after washing)
  • Keep it dry at all times
  • Allow to breathe – do not cover it up with any bandages.
  • Keep it moisturized 
  • Do not scratch at all
  • Avoid any frequent friction on your tattoo.
  • Do not pick the scabs
  • Do not exercise or do anything that would cause the skin on the tattoo to become sweaty.

Is Vegan Tattoo Ink Better?

Although vegan tattoo ink is not any worse than regular tattoo ink, it is also not necessarily better other than from a cruelty-free perspective.

Although it is labeled as being a more natural product because it contains more plant-based ingredients than most regular tattoo inks, vegan tattoo ink is still not necessarily good for you.

Vegan tattoo ink still contains a wide range of chemicals that regular tattoo inks do, none of which are actually good for you. There is a difference between “cruelty-free” and “healthy,” and at the end of the day, no tattoo ink is ever healthy for you to use.

Vegan tattoo ink is still just a being foreign substance being injected into your body and will still have exactly the same effect on your body as regular tattoo ink would.

So as far as your lifestyle choices go, choosing vegan tattoo ink because you believe in a cruelty-free way of living; yes, vegan tattoo ink is definitely better; however, in every other aspect, vegan tattoo ink is essentially the same as most other regular tattoo inks.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Vegan Tattoo Ink?

Since vegan tattoo ink does not fade any quicker than regular tattoo ink would, are there any benefits to using vegan tattoo ink?

The benefits of using vegan tattoo ink, as a vegan, are that you can continue to get all the tattoos that your heart desires. 

Vegan tattoo ink allows vegans to receive tattoos without having to compromise any of their beliefs to do so. 

Another way that using vegan tattoo ink may be a great benefit is that tattoo ink is supply and demand – this means that the more people who will only use vegan ink support tattoo shops, the less regular tattoo ink gets bought, which then eventually means that less tattoo ink that contains animal products in it will be made in general. 

Look at that; vegans can change the tattoo industry one tattoo at a time.

There have been rumors that suggest that vegan tattoo ink is better for your skin and may even help boost your immune system, but there has been no evidence to prove these claims whatsoever.

What this means is that outside of it benefitting a vegan lifestyle and the fact that you do not have to compromise at all as to what you believe in the tattoo that you are getting, there are not many benefits to using a vegan tattoo ink instead of regular tattoo ink – as they are essentially the same in most other ways.

If you are not a vegan and wonder if there is any reason that vegan tattoo ink may benefit you, there is no reason not to use vegan tattoo ink. Since it will not fade any faster than regular ink, it is cruelty-free, and it is almost the same as regular tattoo ink in every other way; there really is no reason to not use vegan tattoo ink as having animal products in ink plays no crucial role in how your tattoo will hold up at all


Vegan tattoo ink has been a game-changer in the industry, allowing thousands of people who would not get tattoos for ethical reasons to now have the chance to get tattoos without their beliefs being compromised.

Because it is still a relatively new product, though, there are many myths surrounding it. However, today, we can safely put the rumor that vegan tattoo ink fades faster to bed.

Vegan tattoo ink will keep you happy in all the many years to come, for just as long as regular tattoo ink would have.

Now that your mind has been put at ease call your local tattoo shop and find out if they carry any vegan tattoo inks, and get tattooing!

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