Is Tattoo Good For A Relationship?

Getting matching tattoos is one of the biggest symbolic steps any couple can take. Some couples’ matching tattoos are a symbol to represent their time spent together, their children, or even people they had lost who were close to both of them. Are tattoos good for a relationship?

Getting tattoos together can be seen as a great bonding experience for couples. It can make a bold statement about your relationship and show the world what your partner means to you. However, some tattoo artists see it as a bad omen for your relationship if you decide to get tattoos together.

Are you and your partner thinking about getting a tattoo to symbolize your special relationship? Read more to find out when it is a good idea to get inked with your significant other and when it might just be the worst mistake of your life.

When Getting A Tattoo Is Good For Your Relationship

If it’s not a last-minute impulsive decision, partners getting matching tattoos can be seen as a sign that they love each other so fiercely that they are willing to alter the way they look.

Matching tattoos can also be a way to artistically express the aspects of your relationship that both of you find significant. Tattoos create a very permanent bond to your and your partner’s skin. However, couple tattoos have some effects that could even go further than skin deep.

When is getting a tattoo good for your relationship? Let’s look at a few very important reasons when getting a tattoo in your relationship could be a good idea.

Engraving Milestones

Some couples choose to take a picture on their anniversary, or maybe even make a note in their diaries. But, getting matching tattoos can also mark an important milestone in a relationship.

Sharing the thrill of getting a tattoo together or reaching a milestone in your relationship can be seen as a good idea, and you will be reminded of the happy experience every day!

Symbolizing Your Commitment

Modern culture likes to celebrate commitment. This could mean wedding rings or promise rings. But, if you think about it, none of these things are really “forever.”

If both you and your significant other would like to show the permanence of your relationship, getting a tattoo can be seen as the best way, as it is literally permanent ink being injected into your skin.

Two Peas In A Pod!

Some families or couples choose matching t-shirts in their annual family photos. Well, you can decide to spice things up by getting matching tattoos, and think of it as a uniform both you and your partner choose to wear!

No Pain, No Gain

There is no arguing the fact that getting tattoos is painful. So just think about it: the tighter you squeeze your partner’s hand while getting inked with a tattoo needle, the tighter the bond between the two of you will grow.

And knowing your favorite person has gone through that same pain can be an indication that your relationship can withstand some serious physical pain!

Taking Your Relationship To The Extreme

When you share such a heightened experience with somebody you love so dearly, that specific moment creates a strengthened bond between the two of you.

Getting a tattoo with your partner will also create a high adrenaline rush, which can be seen as an experience that will deepen the love and affection you have for each other.

When Getting A Tattoo Is Bad For Your Relationship

Now that you know why getting a tattoo can benefit your relationship with your partner, it is also essential to know when it could be seen as very negative.

Never See A Tattoo As A Sign Of True Love Or Commitment

Many people in a relationship make the big mistake of seeing a tattoo as a sign of love or commitment. Never make this mistake, as tattoos are permanent, but it is not a guarantee that your relationship will be permanent as well.

Another Partner Will Not Like A Tattoo If Your Ex On Your Body

One of the most significant reasons you should never get your partner’s name tattooed on your body is that if the relationship doesn’t last, your new partner will hate it.

The permanent ink in your body will be a negative reminder for any new partners that you had committed your body and heart to somebody else in the past.

A Tattoo May Stop You From Moving On From The Relationship

Having your past partner’s name tattooed on your body will be an awful reminder of the time you spent together, as well as your breakup.

It will not only refrain you from moving on with your life, but every time you look in the mirror, it will make you feel the pain of the relationship and heartbreak all over again.

Tattoo Removals Are Expensive

If you are still considering getting a tattoo with your partner, and things have not been going so good between the two of you, it might help you with your choice to go and look at the prices of tattoo removals.

You may have saved a considerable amount of money for a beautiful tattoo design consisting of your partner’s name.

But, it would be good to keep in mind that you will probably be spending that same amount of money (if not more) in order to get the tattoo removed or covered up with a different tattoo.

Instead, Get A Symbol Of Love

You should never, ever, be pressured into getting a tattoo with your partner. However, if your partner is exceptionally persistent about getting a tattoo together, try getting a small design.

Convince your partner by saying that the design is your symbol of love that symbolizes your relationship.

Getting a smaller design in the place of your partner’s name is much better because, let’s face it: things happen, people break up.

And if you do break up, nobody will know that it is a sign of your past relationship except for you. If you choose the design wisely, it can also be a tattoo that looks cool to you!


There you have it! Getting a tattoo in a relationship can either mean good or bad news for you and your partner. Always do your research, know what signs to look for, when it could benefit you and your partner to get a tattoo in the relationship, and when it would not.

Remember, communication is key!


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