Why Is My Piercing Hole Getting Bigger?

Piercings of all kinds can be an excellent and straightforward way to decorate your body and make you feel more confident or beautiful. However, they can also be a supply of stress if you are unsure of what is happening. One of the most frequent questions about piercings is why the hole is getting bigger and if you should see a professional. So, why is your piercing hole getting bigger, and should you worry?

There are a couple of explanations why your piercing hole may get bigger, ranging from the use of heavier jewelry to possible piercing rejection. The size of your piercing hole may even be a result of trauma to the piercing area or be a result of someone playing with it too much.

There are several reasons why your piercing hole may get bigger over time, and most of the reasons are pretty straightforward and usually easy enough to counteract or prevent. However, there is also the chance that your body may reject the piercing, which can cause damage where the piercing got done. However, before considering the worst-case scenario, it is best to look at other possible causes.

Should I Worry About My Piercing Hole Getting Bigger?

As stated above, there are some reasons why your piercing hole may be getting more prominent over time, and most of these aren’t too dangerous if you are wise about it. However, the reasons your piercing hole is expanding may differ depending on where you got the piercing, so it is always best to consider the area when determining the cause of the increasing hole and whether you should worry.

Below are several common circumstances under which your piercing hole may get bigger. Not all of these reasons will make sense, depending on your piercing, so if you are still worried about your piercing after reading, you can feel free to consult a professional or a doctor.

Heavy Jewelry

One of the most common reasons your piercing hole may get more extensive is the weight of your jewelry and the way it is supported. The most common place for this to happen is the ears, which is widespread among people who wear heavy ear jewelry that is not appropriately supported.

The ears are an exceptionally soft area of the body, which is one of the reasons it is such a popular area to decorate. However, wearing heavier or dangling jewels in your ear piercing may result in the hole getting bigger or even being cut if the only support is a thin metal hook or wire.

Suppose you enjoy wearing dangling or heavier jewelry in your ear. In that case, it is best to get jewelry that provides better support or that clamps to ensure that your jewelry doesn’t, in time, cut through your ear as the result of gravity pulling on the heavier object. If you do not have appropriately supported jewelry, you can also remove the jewels and replace them with smaller pieces for the most part.

Piercing Trauma, Irritation, Or Playing

Though these are three different things, they can all get put into the same category of reasons your piercing hole may get bigger. When you first get a piercing, you should also get warned not to play with it too much to ensure that it heals correctly. However, playing with your piercing after it has healed can also have adverse effects, one of which is the hole increasing in size.

Similarly, the hole may become larger and more prominent if your piercing becomes irritated due to not being cleaned regularly enough or for other reasons. The easiest way to prevent this type of irritation is to keep cleaning your piercing and ensure your hands are clean. You should also not play with the piercing too much to ensure this does not irritate the piercing area.

Trauma is another reason your piercing hole may get more significant over time, which may be accidental or even purposeful trauma. If you accidentally pull your piercing, you may cause a tear or enlarge the hole without meaning to do it. Still, even something as simple as pushing your phone against your ear can cause the piercing hole to become considerably larger over time.

Some people enjoy inflicting willing trauma on their piercings and consider it an act of intimacy. However, most people who do this understand the risks and that the hole may get bigger over time.

The trauma you cause your piercing, whether by accident or purposeful, may also differ depending on the piercing area. Some parts of the body are more robust and can repair and close the stretched hole, while other parts of the body are unable to do so. Practicing extra caution with pierced areas of your body is always essential.

Rejection Or Migration Of A Piercing

Though this isn’t always common, there is always the chance that your piercing hole may be getting bigger due to your body rejecting the piercing. This cause is more familiar with recent piercings, but there are reports of this happening even to persons with many piercings or who have had piercings for an extended period.

If your piercing hole is enlarging and you notice that pain or infection is accompanying this, it may be best to remove the piercing to avoid further damage. Though it is not always necessary, you may also want to consult a professional or doctor if this is the case since the infection may cause extra damage to the area of the piercing if it does not get treated correctly.

How Can I Fix A Piercing Hole That Is Getting Bigger?

Depending on the area, the type of piercing, and even how much bigger the piercing has gotten, you may be able to repair the piercing hole to its original state. If your piercing is in the earlobe, it is less likely that you will be able to repair this with time, and there is a greater chance that you will need surgical help to reduce the size.

Some natural ways you can help the piercing hole shrink include taking out the piercing and allowing the hole to become smaller over time, using smaller jewels, or adding more support to your jewelry. If you are uncertain of your options, you can also consult a professional that may be able to offer you the required assistance.

Is It Safe To Get A Piercing Again?

If you got your piercing hole closed through a procedure with a doctor, there is a chance that it will be safe to get the piercing again. You can usually pierce the same area again after the area has healed fully, which is quite common for people who enjoy having ear piercings.

Suppose your piercing hole was growing due to your body rejecting the piercing. In that case, there is also a chance that you can get another piercing if the piercing gets done professionally and usually deeper into the skin. You may also need to try using a different metal type since this is a common reason for piercing rejection.


If you notice that your piercing hole is getting bigger, it is best to find out why that is happening before you accept the worst-case scenario. Sometimes you can counteract the growing hole by adding more support or wearing different piercing jewels. However, if you are afraid that your piercing may get rejected or you have pain, it may be best to see a medical doctor or professional for help.


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