Why Do So Many Rappers Have Face Tattoos?

Face tattoos have become more and more popular amongst numerous hip-hop artists, such as rappers. Today, in our modern world, tattoos are considered a form of art and self-expression by many, and it is one of the most significant developments in the tattooing industry. Are you wondering why so many rappers have face tattoos?

Rappers have their face tattooed as a sign of their individuality, although it might sound ironic. Rappers also use face tattoos to show they are connected to the hardcore streets where they came from. Face tattoos also represent beliefs or mournings or entirely devote themselves to their music.

Face tattoos are fascinating, and it’s certainly not for everyone, especially not your typical office worker. There are several reasons why face tattooing is so popular amongst the best rappers. Continue reading as we discuss why so many rappers have face tattoos!

The Origin Of Face Tattoos On Rappers

The influence of artists like Lil Wayne, XXX Tentation, Ghostmane, Travis Scott, 21 Savage, and Migos getting face tattoos wasn’t fully realized until the mid-2016’s. This is because trap music, along with SoundCloud rap, emerged more and more.

These artists also started following the trend, creating immense popularity of getting tattooed on your face. Over the last few years, the face of hip hop and rap music has changed entirely due to the vast impact rappers had to rise to fame through SoundCloud.

The Reasons Behind Rappers And Their Face Tattoos

There are actually many clever reasons why so many rappers have face tattoos, and it all makes sense if you think about it. Face tattoos can have many benefits when it comes to fame.

Let’s take a look at these reasons behind rappers and face tattoos:

Motivation And Devotion To Their Music Career

Many rappers choose to get face tattoos because they use them to devote themselves entirely to their music and careers.

They are aware of the fact that face tattoos limit any attaining meaningful employment, leading them to be more motivated in their music and performing careers.

For these reasons, along with the entrance of hip-hop and rap culture into mainstream society, it has led to face tattoos constantly increasing in popularity.

They Get Face Tattoos To Market Themselves

If you are a big fan of rappers and their music, you have probably noticed that rappers nowadays are becoming instantly recognizable through their face tattoos.

Their face tattoos may symbolize anything from wisdom in the occult and to drug culture, which can be seen as marketing.

Face tattoos are a brand, and it serves both as markers of personal transformation of all sorts and bold marketing in order to generate more fame and recognition.

Our modern generation of self-made rappers have completely stepped away from these symbols, usually shown through face tattoos, and they are looked at poorly by rappers of the past.

Instead of face tattoos being a sign and symbol of gang culture, criminality and violence, our modern-day rappers have changed the meaning entirely. Face tattoos have now become esoteric, confessional, impulsive, and vulnerable.

Face Tattoos Shows Resilience

It is a well-known fact that all tattoos hurt, no matter where you decide to get them. However, our faces are very sensitive to any type of pain, as it is completely packed full of nerve endings. Any tattoo on your face, small or big, will hurt immensely, and rappers know this.

Rappers use their face tattoos to show others how strong they are both physically and emotionally. By showing off their face tattoos, they create a sort of dominant feeling towards other rappers and people who do not have face tattoos.

A face tattoo will hurt less if you have more muscle and flesh between your skin and bone. The more cushioning you provide for the needle, the less it will hurt!

A Face Tattoo Can Be Expensive

Of course, the cost of tattoos can depend on several things, such as the status of the tattoo artist, the size, and the style or design you want your tattoo to be.

If you would like a famous tattoo artist to tattoo your face, you will probably wait long, and it will be costly.

Famous rappers also commonly book at famous tattoo artists to receive their face tattoos. They see this as a symbol of wealth and show it off to their fans and other rappers.

Face Tattoos Are A Symbol Of Expressing Themselves

Many rappers choose to get face tattoos because it represents who they are as an individual artist.

Though there may be some similarities between some rappers’ face tattoos, it is a symbol of their unique culture, and they express themselves through the tattoo art on their face.

Rappers Use Face Tattoos As An Emotional Component

The emotional component that goes along with face tattoos also plays a significant role between rappers. When a rapper gets a face tattoo, it represents that he has seen emotional struggles and hardships throughout his life.

Rappers see these face tattoos as the best possible explanation for their hardships.

For example, the rappers affected by depression will choose to get a face tattoo representing life, love, and hope.

Potentially Covering Scars And Marks With Face Tattoos

Some rappers might have scars that they are not willing to share with other people, as it may raise questions. Rappers who may have birthmarks on their face use face tattoos as a mask to cover their “imperfections.”

Raising Their Esteem And Self-Confidence

In a recent study, it has shown that getting a tattoo will increase your self-confidence and esteem. The more tattoos you get done, the more you will like the person you see in the mirror before you.

Many rappers agree with this statement, as they claim their face tattoos have taught them to accept and love themselves. Rappers with face tattoos also claim that it has given them the ability of self-control.


Now you know all the reasons why so many rappers have face tattoos! Face tattoos are a lifelong commitment, such as any other tattoos. If you are not a rapper or are not already famous, a face tattoo could potentially mean the end of your working career.

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