Why Do Females Get Tongue Piercings?

Tongue piercings are, more often than not, beautiful forms for females to express themselves. However, perhaps more interesting are the females who get those piercings and their varying reasons! I know a lot of females, and they all have different reasons for their tongue piercings that make it personal to them and form part of their identity. So, why do females get tongue piercings?

Females get tongue piercings because their friends or romantic partners influence them or to have something crazy they did in their 20s. They want to be trendy, have it match their attire or cosplay, or get it for religious, cultural, or personal interests. It also enhances intimacy with partners.

There are countless reasons why a female might get a tongue piercing. The common thread is they all lead back to something personal and vital that bears a lasting significance. We’ll cover physical, psychological, and societal reasons, as well as trends, fads, and getting inspiration from others!

Why Do Females Get Tongue Piercings?

The reasons why females get piercings can vary substantially, ranging from trendiness & fashion, doing something craze in their 20s, enjoying the aesthetic, wanting one because of their favorite artist, or even for intimate reasons.  

Female Get Tongue Piercings For Relationship Reasons

Females who love their significant other have no issue with introducing or doing something new to improve the happiness of their relationship. It might be that their boyfriend or girlfriend mentioned that they would look more attractive with a tongue piercing or that they think it looks cool.

Some females might also get a tongue piercing for intimate purposes. Many say that it enhanced their intimate encounters because it introduced something unusual and provided new sensations throughout the experience. In this regard, females might also get them precisely because it will make their partner feel better during their intimate time (more on this later).

When relationships don’t end well, and their partner leaves them for someone else, it’s not uncommon for them to rebel. Some females – usually younger ones – will choose to, for instance, get a tongue piercing when they know their previous partner didn’t like it, act an act of rebellion.

Sometimes a partner mentions that they want to get one and convinces the female to do the same. The same can also be true for peer pressure from friends. When one of the five females in a group of friends doesn’t have a tongue piercing, she might feel pressured to get one to feel like part of the group – especially when other people point out or question why she doesn’t have a tongue piercing.

Something Crazy They Did In Their 20s

Sometimes females get tongue piercings for the simple reason that they’re etching closer to their 30s, and they want to be able to look back and say they did something crazy in their 20s. Of course, it’s not one of the serious reasons, and it comes attached with a bit of humor! Perhaps it might also be on their bucket list of things to do.

Females Want Stay Trendy With Tongue Piercings

Tongue piercings can also impart some youth and trendiness for some females who always wanted to get a tongue piercing but never reached that point. Boyfriends & girlfriends, or even husbands and wives, can further motivate their need to look trendy. 

Furthermore, a tongue piercing could also be an internal declaration of an outward expression, showing that females might be different than other females within the same age group, culture, or setting.

Females might also really like the feel and edginess of a tongue piercing. When they find themselves in careers or spheres of influence that demand a certain level of professionalism – like a medical student – tongue piercings allow a bit of my personality to shine through.

Females Might Get Tongue Piercings For Psychological Reasons

Social pressures can be an uphill battle for some females. As social creatures, there is an intense desire to belong to a group of people or friends who accept you with all your imperfections.

However, sometimes females might have physical qualities that they don’t appreciate about themselves or speech impediments like stuttering that make it hard to be confident.

In this case, some females will use tongue piercings as a psychological tool to improve their confidence and make them more social. It works, too, with many females being able to work up the courage to talk to people or make eye contact after getting a tongue piercing.

Some Females Enjoy The Piercing Aesthetic

Perhaps the most fundamental reason females get tongue piercings is that they like it! It’s also possible for a tiny bit of impulsive behavior to accompany this reason, but it remains primarily an aesthetic appeal.

It also includes an adventurous spirit looking to try something new and exciting, often getting multiple piercings for another shot of exciting endorphin release. These females often have piercings in their ears, noses, tongues, above the eyes, etc.

The element of impulsiveness is present when a close friend or partner might suggest that they would look great with a tongue piercing. They may not even like the idea of a tongue piercing, yet they still get one.

Females Use Tongue Piercings To Compliment Their Fashion

Since females adore jewelry, it is highly likely that certain females would jump at the opportunity to display cool and exciting jewelry on their tongues where it is always visible. For instance, they might decide to use a tongue piercing in the shape of a rose – perhaps in red, pink, or even royal blue – to complement their attire.  

These kinds of decorative tongue piercings with graphics are often irresistible to females who like floral or other patterns. Of course, it is also possible to match the design or graphic of the tongue piercing with earrings, necklaces, or other jewelry pieces for a truly inspiring look!

Females Can Get Tongue Piercings For Cosplay Purposes

Whether Comic Con or Anime fans, thousands of females adore dressing up as their favorite characters! Serious cosplayers will likely get a tongue piercing to match all the aesthetic details of their character and stand, especially if they plan to enter a cosplay competition.

These kinds of competitions often have juicy cash prizes and potentially get them onto the front page of the news outlet reporting the event – so it is a key requirement for success!

Tongue Piercings Enhance Intimate Activities With Partners

While the initial intention of a tongue piercing was not at all related to intimacy, evidence shows that they do improve the sensation during intimacy with your partner.

In fact, research reveals that women with body modifications are more sexualized by the general public than those without piercings. Following the study results, some females state that they receive much more attention from people wanting to kiss them. They say it provides a different yet fun sensation from the usual and often provides a better overall experience.

Clinical sexologists state there is evidence that tongue piercings – especially the standard types like barbells and tongue rings – improve stimulation during intimacy for all genders. The actual sexual sensations come from the variation of textures of the tongue’s softness and the piercing’s hardness. Together, their combination can make intimacy between partners much more enticing.

In response to the evidence, several adult-toy manufacturers manufacture a unique vibrating tongue ring constructed specifically for stimulation during intimacy. These types of tongue piercings do not require an actual piercing; instead, they slide over the tongue in a plug-and-play fashion.

Young Females Tongue Piercings Derive From Artists

If you don’t already know, the music industry significantly impacts our preferences, and the artists themselves are often the driving force.

Females may desire tongue piercings because their favorite music artists or role models have one. For instance, when  Melanie Brown, one of the Spice Girls, flaunted her tongue piercing in the 1990s, it inspired many females to get one of their own. Rock and metal bands are synonymous with a hard, death-like image, and a tongue piercing almost always complements those styles.

Females Express Their Identities With Tongue Piercings

Similar to a projected image, a tongue piercing can also create or associate females with a specific identity or persona. The tongue piercing usually becomes a part of them, and people can often tell something about the female by how they use or wear their tongue piercing or what kind they have.

For instance, a study conducted by Her revealed that those who get piercings generally tend to have fearless personalities and enjoy going on spontaneous adventures.

When it comes to tongue piercings, females with tongue piercings take the initiative to suggest a night out and like to keep the flow loud and exciting. They could probably tell you the name and favorite color of the barman at their favorite place, plus they know which nights have discounts on drinks!

Furthermore, they might like their drink a little too much, and their colleagues at work are familiar with their party-it-up reputation. Lastly, these females likely had their tongues pierced long ago, with it visible in most of their photos from the last decade.

Otherwise, females use piercings as a less-intensive way to decorate their bodies, compared to tattoos that are more serious and difficult to remove or alter. When females want to go back on their tongue piercings, it only requires that they remove their tongue bar and leave it out for a few days. There might be a very slight scar when the hole closes, but it will be barely visible. 

Females Get Tongue Piercings For Religion And Culture

While tongue piercings are somewhat of a recent development in modern society, they’ve long existed in ancient civilizations like the Aztecs Cultures. At the time, tongue piercings symbolized honor to their gods by enduring physical pain.

In the Hindu religion, Thaipusam is a full-moon thanksgiving festival celebrated worldwide to worship a six-faced god of war named Lord Murugan.

On the day of the festival, devotees need to do a dance called burden dance, symbolizing one’s gracious acceptance of life’s hardships and indebtedness to god.

Generally, there are three levels of test difficulties. The third level, in particular, consists of a test of resilience where believers must be willing to accept feats more akin to body modification than religious practice.

At this stage, it’s common to also have multiple piercings through the skin, tongue, and cheeks.

My Daughter Got A Tongue Piercing. What Should I Do?

It might be scary when a very young female – your daughter – gets a tongue piercing. In this case, what’s the best way to approach the situation?

If she got it with your consent, you would need to prepare soup for dinner and have her avoid eating any solid foods for the next couple of days. Request that she shows you the aftercare instructions so you can lend a hand if she needs your help. Don’t forget to compliment her on how good it looks!

However, if she got the tongue piercing without your consent and she’s underage, have a sit-down with her regarding NPD – No Permanent Damage. Let her know it’s better to avoid doing irreversible things to her body until she’s 18 because it can have a lasting, permanent effect.

Instead, regarding NPD, she is free to experiment with things like hairstyles, hair color, and nails, but nothing permanent like tattoos. If your daughter does not want their tongue piercing in the future, it’s good to know that it is reversible. Tongue piercings are notorious for closing very quickly, often within 1 – 3 days.  

When explaining these things to her, be a reasonable and loving parent rather than having your words cut deep with anger and disappointment. They will appreciate your approach and learn that it is possible to consult you on essential matters in the future. 


When females get tongue piercings, they might do so to overcome psychological obstacles or in the name of trendiness, fashion, and improving relationships. It can also help combat societal pressures and make them feel more tightly knit with their peers. On the other hand, it can also have the opposite effect of separating themselves from the norm and standing out as individuals.


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