When Can I Stop Cleaning My Nose Piercing?

When it comes to nose piercings, they like to fool you. Sometimes, they may seem completely healed, and if you have been consistent with your cleaning and aftercare routine, your nose piercing may seem perfectly healed, and you may be wondering if it still needs to be cleaned. When can you stop cleaning your nose piercing?

You can stop cleaning your nose piercing once it is fully healed, which is about six to eight weeks. You can stop cleaning your nose piercing after this period when there is no redness or swelling, it looks good, it can’t become infected, you can go swimming, and you can move and stretch it freely.

If you stop cleaning your nose piercing before it is properly healed, you could increase the risk of infection. Wondering if your piercing is healed and you can stop cleaning it? Continue reading to find out!

The Three Healing Stages Of Your Nose Piercing

when your nose piercing is healing, your body forces itself to accept and adapt to a foreign object and grow around it. Your body may try to reject it at first, making you uncomfortable, and when you clean it, it will form a permanent hole and heal itself.

Let’s look at the three stages your nose piercing goes through while it’s healing:

Stage 1: Acceptance Of A Foreign Object

You will notice typical signs of trauma around your piercing during the first week or two. The area will be inflamed, discolored, heated, and you may be in pain. This is entirely normal and caused by the chemicals released by your damaged skin cells.

This will protect your wound from pathogens and trigger new skin growth. This is when it is most crucial to clean your nose piercing twice a day with a salt solution, as your piercing could become easily infected.

Stage 2: The Proliferative Phase

During the second stage, your body will start to produce new skin. It will start at both ends of the piercing and work its way inward. This stage will also require care and precautions to ensure the piercing does not become infected or have other long-term problems.

During the second stage, it is perfectly normal for you to notice scabs starting to form around your nose piercing, with some watery discharge.

Your piercing may also be less painful during this period and may seem healed to the point where you can freely move your piercing, but it remains an open wound.

Stage 3: The Seasoning And Toughening Phase

This stage will begin once your skin has completed its growth, and the piercing is no longer regarded as an open wound. However, you still need to keep in mind that the piercing fistula, which is also known as the tunnel, is still fragile and thin.

During this stage, your body will produce extra skin cells in order to strengthen and expand the fistula. You should experience no discomfort during this phase, and you should not notice any discharge.

Your nose piercing will start to pull in, becoming less misformed and appear more even. This third and last stage can last a few years, but you can start to change your nose piercing, but a piercing should remain in at all times, as there is a risk for the hole to close.

Signs That You Can Stop Cleaning Your Nose Piercing

There are some clear signs you can look out for to determine whether your nose piercing is healed, and if it is healed, you can finally stop your cleaning routine! Let’s look closely at the signs that your nose piercing is healed:

Your Nose Piercing Can’t Get Infected

Although your piercing is fully healed when your skin has been restored, this is not an official rule. You should always treat your nose piercing kindly and be cautious of getting caught on towels and various clothing items.

You should always limit your nose piercing’s exposure to as much bacteria as possible, especially if it becomes a bit irritated after getting knocked around.

If your immune is weak after getting sick, it is normal for your nose piercing to become tender, and you should not be concerned. Your body works as one, and any piercing will become affected if you are not eating correctly, rundown, or sick.

Your Nose Piercing Has Stopped Hurting

Piercings could remain tender to the touch or if they are knocked during the first couple of weeks of healing.

However, as your piercing starts to age, it will become less tender, and it will then be able to withstand the day-to-day activities of life without being cleaned anymore.

You Can Stretch And Move Your Nose Piercing Freely

When you can move your piercing around with your finger without feeling pain or discomfort and without your piercing becoming red, you can rest assured your piercing has healed.

This will usually occur closer to the three-month mark, and if you are uncertain, you can always ask your piercer for advice.

This is also when you can decide if you want to change your nose piercing to a different shape, such as a stud or a hoop.

When You Can Go Swimming With Your Nose Piercing

The biggest risk when swimming with a piercing that has not healed correctly is that it increases your chances of getting an infection. Water can expose your piercing to bacteria, and it could likely get an infection, but only within the first two to three weeks.

This risk is incredibly high in spas, lakes, as well as public pools. However, if you are past the three-week mark, your piercing is healed enough to stop cleaning and go swimming with ease!


If you ever wonder if your nose piercing has healed fully, it would be best to see your piercer.

When you decide it’s time to stop your cleaning routine and get your piercing changed, always do it with a professional, as the risk of damaging your piercing is always present during jewelry changes.

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