What Shouldn’t You Do Before A Piercing?

Getting a new piercing is an exciting and somewhat stressful experience. If this is your first piercing or first in a new location, you might feel a little nervous before getting it. In addition, you might wonder what you can and cannot do before getting a piercing. So what should you not do before a piercing?

Before getting pierced, it’s essential that you don’t drink alcohol or take drugs. Don’t get a piercing while sick. Also, don’t arrive at the therapist for your piercing after hitting the gym. Don’t shave right before your appointment. Finally, don’t worry about the pain before a piercing.

While many websites are telling you what to do before getting a piercing, we thought we’d focus more on what you shouldn’t do before a piercing. In addition, we’ll share some things you shouldn’t do after a piercing to ensure it heals properly. 

What Not To Do Before A Piercing

There isn’t much to do before getting a piercing. However, there are some things you shouldn’t do right before getting a piercing to ensure your piercing experience is comfortable and the piercing has time to heal correctly. Here are six things not to do before a piercing.

1. Don’t Get A Piercing When Sick

When getting a piercing, your body must be strong and healthy. This will reduce the discomfort of getting pierced and ensure the piercing doesn’t get infected. Therefore, if you feel sick or tired, it’s best to reschedule the piercing for another day.

In addition, it’s crucial to eat a good meal before getting pierced. Going on an empty stomach will make you uncomfortable. It may even lower your pain tolerance, leading to a less enjoyable experience.

2. Don’t Forget To Drink Enough Water

Another important thing when getting pierced is to ensure that you are hydrated. If you get pierced while hydrated, your skin is plumper and more taught. This makes it easier for the piercing to piercing your skin. In addition, it lessens the discomfort of getting a piercing.

Therefore, don’t forget to drink enough water the day before and the day of getting a piercing. Although this sounds insignificant, being dehydrated when getting pierced can really affect the experience.

3. Never Get A Piercing While Intoxicated 

Being intoxicated causes you to become dehydrated and increases the likelihood of bleeding when getting pierced. Drinking alcohol or using drugs before getting pierced will also not reduce the pain or discomfort while getting pierced and should therefore be avoided altogether.

If you want something to ease the discomfort of a piercing, wait until after getting pierced and then take an aspirin. These drugs won’t help if you take them before getting pierced, and they may lead to more bleeding.

4. Don’t Get A Piercing If You’re Dirty

It’s essential to keep your piercing clean and dry. However, it’s equally important that you are clean and relaxed before getting pierced. Therefore, never show up for a piercing after working out or doing some dirty work. Instead, take a shower and ensure you’re clean before getting pierced.

5. Don’t Shave Right Before Getting A Piercing

When getting a piercing on a hairy area, such as the genitals, it’s essential to remove some hair before the piercing. This will make the piercing process smoother and will help you clean the piercing afterward.

However, we recommend doing the hair removal 24 to 48 hours before getting pierced. This will ensure that the skin isn’t irritated when getting pierced. Don’t shave your genitals if you don’t usually practice hair removal, as it may result in ingrown hairs that will make the piercing experience uncomfortable.

6. Don’t Be Afraid Of The Pain When Getting A Piercing

The final thing you shouldn’t do before getting a piercing is worry. Many people will tell you about horrors they’ve heard of or experienced while getting pierced. But the truth is that a piercing usually hurts less than you think it will. Therefore, by stressing that it will hurt, you’re making the experience less enjoyable and overreacting before even going for the piercing.

Although some piercings hurt more than others, most are manageable, and the discomfort will be over before you know it.

What Not To Do After A Piercing

Another question you may have regarding piercings is what not to do after getting one. Your therapist will give you the post-care instructions for a piercing, telling you how often to clean it and what products to use.

In addition, here are some things you should avoid doing after getting a piercing that can help the wound heal quicker and ensure your piercing looks great.

1. Don’t Go Swimming After A Piercing

The most important thing after getting a piercing is that you must keep the wound and the piercing clean. You must avoid swimming in dirty lake water or pool water with many chemicals. We recommend avoiding swimming for at least four weeks after getting a piercing to reduce the chances of infection.

Feel free to shower and take a bath in clean, warm water. But keep out of the ocean, pools, and lakes until the piercing has healed to some extent.

2. Avoid Sex After Genital Piercings

Don’t plan on having sex right after getting a genital piercing. This will lead to pain and may also cause infections. Instead, focus on keeping the piercing clean and dry until you feel comfortable and there is no more tenderness. Be sure to ask your therapist how long you should wait before having sex after a genital piercing.

3. Don’t Remove Piercings For Hair Removal

You aren’t recommended to remove a piercing for at least twelve weeks after getting a one. This includes removing it for hair removal treatments such as waxes. Your waxing therapist will know how to work around a piercing, and removing it may cause the wound to close. In addition, putting the piercing back after the waxing appointment will be uncomfortable and may lead to infections.

4. Don’t Touch The Piercing With Dirty Hands

Finally, wash your hands before cleaning the piercing or touching it. We generally don’t recommend touching the piercing unnecessarily, as this may cause the piercing to become tender and lead to infection. Don’t pick at any scabs forming on the wound, and keep the piercing clean at all times.


There are several things you shouldn’t do before getting a piercing. This includes going for a piercing while intoxicated, forgetting to drink water or eat before a piercing, showing up for a piercing while dirty, and doing hair removal right before getting pierced.

After getting a piercing, we recommend you stay out of pools or dirty water. Also, don’t touch a piercing with dirty hands, and don’t remove the piercing for hair removal purposes. If you follow these guidelines and what your therapist’s recommendations, you should have no problems with your new piercing.

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