What Piercings Do Guys Find Attractive?

For many years, it was frowned upon if a person had a piercing in any part of the body except the ear lobes. Lately, however, it has become acceptable for people to pierce almost any body part. There are many reasons people get piercings, but one of the main reasons is to be more attractive. Many women wonder, though, which piercings med find attractive.

One must consider that not all men find piercings on a woman attractive, and many even consider piercings ugly and a turn-off. Men that do find piercings attractive, however, generally prefer belly button piercings but also find some other piercings attractive.

Many recommend that people only worry about which piercing they would like on themselves rather than what others think of it. However, as most people would like to look attractive to others, they may consider what piercings others would find attractive before they get pierced, especially as there are so many possible piercings from which to choose.

Which Piercings Do Guys Find Most Attractive?

Not all men find a pierced woman attractive. Some might even say that they consider any piercing, even the ears, unattractive, considering piercing as a form of body mutilation. More than 50% of men consider women with piercings attractive, but some piercings are more attractive than others.

It is common for women to have their ears pierced, and there are several different ear piercings, with lobe piercing being the most common. Because ear piercings are so common, most men no longer notice simple pierced ears. However, most men don’t find excessively pierced ears attractive in a woman and get turned off by stretched ear lobes.

Most men consider a woman with a pierced belly button to be attractive. However, not all women can pull off a belly button piercing. The woman’s body shape and the type of jewelry she wears on her belly button are significant factors. Some men prefer the longer, dangling belly button rings, while others prefer just a simple curved barbell.

As unusual as it may sound, many men consider women with hip piercings attractive. Hip piercings can be done as surface or dermal piercings. With surface piercing, a piece of jewelry is placed through the skin. A dermal plate is implanted into the skin for a dermal piercing, and the jewelry is then screwed onto the plate. Men generally find hip piercings to be attractive and sexy.

Other piercings that guys consider attractive include the nose and nipples, while very few guys find women with tongue and genital piercings attractive. As with the belly button, men are again very particular about the type of nose piercing they like to see on a woman. Most prefer a single nostril with a small stud or hoop, while they generally find septum piercings unattractive.

Do Men Find Ear Piercings Attractive?

Piercings can be done in different parts of the ear. Although men generally find ear piercings attractive, this would depend on the type of piercing and the jewelry worn. Most men find excessive ear piercing unattractive and feel that a woman shouldn’t have more than two or three piercings per ear. These are men’s preferences for pierced ears:

  • Lobe Piercing – The lobe piercing is very common and, although often beautiful, would not necessarily be considered a turn-on by men. However, most men prefer women to have one or two piercings per lobe, with small studs or hoops. Generally, men find more than two piercings per lobe unattractive.
  • Stretched Ear Lobes – Although most men might find a woman with pierced ear lobes attractive, they find stretched ear lobes to be an absolute turn-off, especially when it has no plugs or plates.
  • Helix Piercing – The helix is the outer cartilage of the ear, above the ear lobe up to the top of the ear. The helix piercing is the most common ear piercing after the lobe piercing. Like the lobe piercing, men might not necessarily consider it a turn-on but generally don’t find it unattractive. 
  • Forward Helix Piercing – The forward helix is the part of the outer cartilage that continues from the top of the ear towards the temple. The forward helix is a far less common piercing. Men generally find the forward helix unattractive, but some say it would be okay, provided the woman only wore a small stud in the piercing. Very few men find this piercing attractive with a hoop.
  • Industrial Piercing – An industrial piercing is a long bar that connects two cartilage piercings in the ear. Most men consider an industrial piercing unattractive, going so far as to say that it makes a woman look “trashy.” Many cannot understand why a woman would want to connect two piercings with a bar.
  • Tragus Piercing – The tragus is the small piece of cartilage that keeps your AirPods in place. Men have different opinions about tragus piercing, with approximately 50% of men finding it attractive. The jewelry for a tragus piercing is limited to a small stud or a small hoop. Generally, all these types of jewelry are acceptable to men who like a tragus piercing.
  • Other Cartilage Piercings – Several other cartilage piercings in the ear, like rook, conch, and daith, are located in the inner cartilage of the ear. Generally, men don’t find these piercings attractive, although some say it could be attractive if the woman doesn’t have too many piercings in her ear.

Do Men Find Nose Piercings Attractive?

Although men don’t consider nose piercings the most attractive, many men still find a woman with a pierced nose eye-catching. There are different types of nose piercings, and these are men’s feelings about them:

  • Nostril piercing – Most men find a single small stud or hoop in one nostril attractive but find more than one piercing in either one nostril or piercings in both nostrils a turn-off.
  • Septum Piercing – The septum is the piece of cartilage separating the two nostrils. Most men do not find this piercing attractive, some comparing it to a booger hanging from the nose!
  • Nose Bridge Piercing – This piercing is between the eyes on the bridge of the nose. Most men find this piercing intimidating and even scary, definitely not attractive. 


Although not all men find women with piercings attractive, those who do find the belly button, hips, ears, and nose piercings most attractive. In general, most men prefer women not to have too many piercings. However, the number of piercings a person wants and where they want to be pierced is a person’s own choice and should not be influenced by what others think.


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