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What Is The Meaning Behind A Queen Of Spades Tattoo?

Tattoos are permanent. We all want a tattoo that signifies something important. You want a meaningful tattoo that you will not regret later on. The Queen of Spades is an interesting tattoo, and you have probably considered getting one. So, what is the meaning behind it?

The Queen of Spades has both a positive and negative connotation. The Queen of Spades signifies a woman’s intelligence and creativity in a playing deck. It reminds us of the strength within us. It is also used in a way that can be seen as misogynistic and racist towards African American men.

It is important to know that people give their own connotations to tattoos. It is important to look at the context and meaning behind the tattoo before getting one. Just as important is to choose carefully. Let us look at the negative and positive meanings of a queen of spades tattoo, as well as the types of tattoos you can look into getting.

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The Positive Meaning Of The Queen Of Spades In Cartomancy

Several meanings can be linked to the Queen of Spades. The Queen represents a goddess. Thus, the Queen of Spades can represent power and success. When choosing the Queen of Spades as an inspiration for a tattoo, it is important to choose a design that reflects its context and meaning.

The Spiritual Meaning Of The Queen Of Spades Tattoo Designs

The Queen of Spades can represent powerful feminine energy and intelligence. Wearing it as a tattoo can signify this strength. The Queen of Spades for example may signify wisdom or a logical judgment in tarot readings. This tattoo coveys that you can overcome challenges alone and plan well. You are intuitive and think before you act.

A Queen of Spades tattoo might mean a hidden performing talent or advantage you have over others. This talent or advantage can be signified if you get the tattoo on your wrist, signifying that you have a card up the sleeve that makes you more powerful than others.

The Meaning Of the Queen Of Spades In Card Games

Using the Queen of Spades in a card game can bring you fortune and flip the game in your favor. This card plays a major role in various games, such as stud poker and pinochle. But you need to know how to use the Queen of Spades in each game for it to be used to your advantage.

To hold the Queen with other hearts gives you a strong hand. Queen of Spades tattoos on women signifies intelligence, independence, and high value.

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The Negative Meanings Of The Queen Of Spades

There are a few negative connotations to the Queen of Spades. As such, some tattoos might convey a negative meaning. In cartomancy, it represents bitterness or hopelessness in love. Certain designs also have a sexual meaning attached to them. The Queen of Spades can also mean having power or dominating others. In most card-playing games, the Queen of Spades can be the worst card to have in your possession.

The Queen of Spades In Cartomancy

Sometimes, the Queen of Spades tattoos can represent sadness or death in tarot readings. In a love and relationship reading, it usually means hopelessness or can refer to a partner unwilling to commit or that your relationship has run its course.

The Queen of Cards signifies ominous entity that brings betrayal and harm. The card can also signify distrust and can signify that your enemy is a jealous woman, out to poison your relationships and slander you.

Sexual Meaning Of The Queen Of Spades

A subculture of white women exists that get a Queen of Spades tattoo to signify their lust for and sexual preference of African American men. It can also signify male dominance and power in a relationship. This negative meaning has only been around for a few years and was added to Urban Dictionary in 2012.

The Queen Of Spades As The Worst Card In Games

The Queen of Spades can be the worst to have in certain card games. Also referred to as “the Black Lady” in the hearts game, an ominous entity, she can put your performing back with 15 points. In the eights game, she is the worst card for an opponent on your right-hand side to play. In this instance, the Queen of Spades represents wariness and great change.

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Types Of Tattoos You Can Get

Do not let the negative meanings let you swear off getting a Queen of Spades tattoo. There are many tattoo styles and designs with positive connotations that you can get that reference the Queen of Spades.

  • A queen tattoo. A queen signifies strength, power, and success. It is a woman who has attained everything she needs in life to rule. It is a very popular tattoo among women. This tattoo is usually characterized by a queen with a royal symbol such as a crown, scepter, or sword.
  • A black spade tattoo. This tattoo signifies success and freedom. It is popular amongst women.
  • Queen with crossed swords. Instead of the spades, the Queen is accompanied by two crossed swords. The Queen with the two crossed sword signifies the Queen’s strength and is more aggressive than the normal Queen of Spade tattoo.
  • Couple tattoo. One can get the King of Spades and the other the Queen of Spades. A spade signifies wisdom, so this tattoo can mean that the couple has a wise and equal relationship.
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The Queen of Spades does not have just one simple meaning. It has both negative and positive connotations. It can represent power, success, intelligence, wisdom, and logic, as well as jealousy, misogyny, ominous entity, scorn, and other negative aspects.

It is important to research the type of tattoo you want to get before going for it. The Queen of Spades is a very intriguing card. The negative connotations should not prevent you from getting a tattoo. You can also add different elements to the Queen of Spades to make it more interesting or bring your idea into context. Just make sure the tattoo conveys the idea you intended.


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