What Is The Least Painful Lip Piercing?

Getting a piercing can be a great way to express or decorate yourself, and in recent years it has become more acceptable to get piercings in places other than your ears. However, as with other body modifications, some pain will accompany the initial process. Lip piercings have become noticeably trendy in recent years, but if you’re looking to get one, you may wonder which is the least painful.

You can choose from many different lip piercings, with most people agreeing that the least painful of these is the Monroe and Madonna variants. However, it is crucial to take note that there is no definitive way to determine which piercings are the most or least painful since it varies for everyone.

Since personal pain tolerance, the material, the gauge, the area, and even the piercer can affect how much pain you endure when getting a piercing, there is no way to know precisely how much a specific piercing will hurt you. However, by researching and looking at the experiences of others, you can determine which piercings are likely to be the least painful and which will cause you more pain.

The Five Least Painful Lip Piercings

Though all piercings will have a certain level of pain, and that pain will vary from person to person, some still get considered to be the least painful. Four specific piercings of all possible lip piercings seem to rank lower on the pain scale, and though the amount of pain will differ, these may be an excellent place to start if you want to expand your range of piercings or are open to getting a lip piercing.

The Monroe Lip Piercing

As you might tell from the name of this piercing, it is inspired by or at least named after Marilyn Monroe. This piercing has this name because the Monroe lip piercing is in a similar area as the iconic beauty spot Marilyn Monroe is known for having. Though it isn’t in precisely the same area, being closer to the lip and a bit lower under the nose, it still seems inspired by Monroe’s beauty spot.

The Monroe lip piercing is less painful than many others because of the area where it gets placed. This section of the face has thinner skin, making it much easier to push the piercing through and ensuring that fewer nerves in the area can relay the pain. Though this piercing is less painful, it still takes a decent amount of time to heal and can be somewhat painful during this process.

The Madonna Lip Piercing

Similar to the Monroe lip piercing, the Madonna lip piercing is also largely inspired by a beauty spot that Madonna is known for having. The most significant difference between these two piercings is the side of the lips or face they get placed on, with the one being on the left side and the other on the right side.

As with the Monroe piercing, the Madonna piercing also gets done on the part of the face with thin skin and fewer nerves, which is why it is likely to be less painful. Again, as with other lip or mouth piercings, there will likely be swelling, and the healing process can take a longer time, which may result in pain or irritation a while after the piercing got done.

The Spider Bites Lip Piercings

The spider bites are two piercings that get done close to one another, just under the bottom lip and to the one side of the mouth. These piercings can get done on either part of the face, but they change names when there are more than just the two. This piercing derives its name from the piercings that look similar to the marks left by a spider bite.

According to most people, spider bite piercings do not hurt much and are an excellent place to start if you want to experiment with lip piercings. Most piercers, and people that have gotten this specific piercing, say that the sensation feels like a pinch with a little bit of soreness afterward. Some also state that the pain level is between getting your ears pierced and getting your nose pierced.

The Shark Bites Lip Piercings

When it comes to shark bites piercings, they are ranked very similarly to spider bites, and this is likely because they are precisely the same, except that the piercing gets done on both sides of the face. Shark bites rank a little higher on the pain scale, but this is because you’re getting four holes instead of just two.

Since shark bites and spider bites are essentially the same piercing, except that the one gets done on both sides of the mouth, it is safe to say that they are not too bad. The pain ranking for shark bites is similar to spider bites, though the aftercare is a bit more extensive since you have to ensure both sides heal correctly and get taken care of sufficiently.

The Medusa Lip Piercing

The Medusa lip piercing is a piercing done in the middle of the lip, just above the top lip and below the nose on the area called the philtrum. The name seems somewhat related to the piercing location in what some call the “cupid’s bow” area. This piercing is comparable to the Monroe and Madonna piercing, except that it is in the middle and not on one of the sides.

There is no way to know how much this piercing hurts, and there are wildly different experiences recorded when getting this piercing. If you have had other lip piercings done and are looking for another to try, you may be more likely to handle this piercing. However, if you are new to lip piercings, you may want to look into the experiences of others since there are varying details about this piercing.

The Lip Piercings To Avoid

Since we discussed the lip piercings that are likely to be the least painful, you may want to know what piercings you should avoid ensuring you go through as little pain as possible. Though the amount of pain will largely depend on factors like your tolerance, the piercer, and even the material and size of the piercing, the following piercings are said to be a bit more painful.

  • Labret Lip Piercing – If you are hesitant about getting a painful lip piercing, you should probably avoid getting a labret piercing. Though you shouldn’t necessarily have to worry about the piercing process, some people report that the pain after the piercing can be difficult to handle.

    One of the reasons you may want to avoid this piercing is that it can be hard to eat with and take longer to heal, which may cause extra pain over a more extended period.
  • Canine Bites Piercings – Though this piercing is similar to the shark bites mentioned earlier, it comes with one added consideration that may prompt you to avoid it: four holes in four different places. Though the piercing may be manageable, treating and eating with four new holes can be hard to handle, which is why some prefer not to do it at one time.


In general, it gets said that lip piercings are not the most painful types of piercings to get and are relatively easy to manage. However, it would be best if you always remembered that the pain you endure will vary and that no one can tell you exactly what to expect since we are all different. If you are unsure about which piercing to get, you may want to ask your piercer for advice on where to start.

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