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Breast Tattoo: How Much Does It Hurt And Can You Tattoo Over A Scar?

Many ladies ask me about the breast tattoo, some of them want to have it but are afraid that it would be too painful, or they have some concerns about breast tattoo and breastfeeding. I will try to answer the most common questions in this article about breast tattoos. 

 for women flowers tattoo under breast
Tattoo under breasts made by me

What answers you will find in this article about a tattoo on your breasts?

  • What is the meaning of a tattoo on breasts?
  • Is it bad to get a tattoo on your breast? How much does it hurt?
  • 17 things you can do to reduce pain when getting a breast tattoo,
  • How bad do side breast tattoos hurt?
  • What is a tattoo between your boobs called?
  • How much does a breast tattoo cost?
  • Can you wear a bra over a new tattoo?
  • How long can you not wear a bra after a tattoo?
  • What should I wear when getting a tattoo on or under my breast?
  • How long do breast tattoos take?
  • Tattoo on breast scars? Can you cover a scar on your breast with a tattoo?
  • Tattoo after breast cancer,
  • Can you get a tattoo on your breast with implants?
  • Breastfeeding after a tattoo – is it safe?
  • How long after a tattoo can I breastfeed?

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What is the meaning of a tattoo on breasts?

As with most places on your body, the same is with a tattoo on your breasts – it’s the design that matters, not the location. When deciding on a particular design, think carefully as it will be a lifetime choice.

tattoo between brests decorative
Decrative tattoo between brests, inspiration from

The design does not always have to matter, I often make tattoos that customers like – flower patterns, birds, etc., but there are also people for whom symbolism matters. It can be the name of a loved one, an inscription that means something to you, or, for example, your zodiac sign.

Is it bad to get a tattoo on your breast? How much does it hurt? 

Getting a tattoo on your breast can be really painful. It’s because of a number of nerve endings, because of them nipples and breasts are extremely sensitive areas, so being tattooed here can cause severe pain. Have a look at this tattoo pain chart to see which part of your breasts will hurt the most. 

pain chart for women tattoo on breast
Tattoo pain chart for women from

So, how painful is a tattoo between your breasts? Generally, the closer skin is to bone, the more painful it is to get tattooed, and the sternum and ribs are just bone on bone, so the pain will be severe. 

17 things you can do to reduce pain when getting a breast tattoo

There are a few things you can do to reduce the pain of a breast tattoo, both before and during the session, here is a short list I have prepared for you:

  1. Make sure you get a good night’s sleep the day before your breast tattoo.
  2. Find an experienced tattoo artist. Artists with more experience tend to finish a breast tattoo faster, meaning you’ll endure the pain for less time.
  3. Avoid painkillers, especially aspirin or ibuprofen. They should not be taken 24 hours before the breast tattoo, they thin the blood and the tattoo may take longer than normal.
  4. Make sure your body is well hydrated. When your skin is dry, the breast tattoo hurts more, both when tattooing and later when it heals.
  5. Make sure you come to the tattoo session after your meal. Low blood sugar makes you feel more painful, so eating before a tattoo is important. It will also help you avoid dizziness caused by nerves or from hunger.
  6. Avoid drinking alcohol. Make sure you don’t drink for at least 24 hours before getting a breast tattoo as alcohol increases pain sensitivity and thin the blood.
  7. Wear suitable clothing. This is important because tight and chafing clothes will irritate the tattoo area and make it more painful when finished. This is also important because the garment should be easy to remove or move to avoid ink stains.
  8. Try to relax while tattooing. It will only hurt for a while, try to breathe deeply and relax, if you are sure you want a breast tattoo and you trust your tattoo artist you should be fine.
  9. Try to distract yourself somehow so you don’t just focus on the pain. Before the session, you can ask if there is a possibility to come with someone you know, you can talk to the tattoo artist, you can listen to music on the phone through headphones – find something that will distract you.
  10. Don’t be afraid to ask for a skin numbing cream. Your tattoo artist should have different types of creams, and you can ask for them.
  11. Do not get a breast tattoo if you are sick, then your sensitivity to pain will be greater and the tattoo will take longer to heal as your immune system tries to stop the infection at the same time.
  12. Don’t drink coffee or energy drinks before or during a tattoo session. Just like alcohol, caffeine and energy drinks thin your blood. So, skip your morning cup of coffee on the day you get the tattoo.
  13. Try to schedule your morning session if possible. In the morning, the adrenaline level is at its highest. Adrenaline is a pain masking hormone that can help increase your pain tolerance.
  14. You can try taking a pain reliever other than aspirin. Half an hour before getting a tattoo should be enough, you can take painkillers that don’t contain blood thinners like acetaminophen (also called Tylenol or Paracetamol).
  15. Try not to move too much while the tattoo artist is working. Too much movement will distract tattooers from their work, thereby prolonging the session and increasing pain.
  16. Don’t be afraid to ask for breaks. If the pain becomes too unbearable, don’t hesitate to ask for a respite. Any professional tattoo artist will understand and will give you a few minutes of break.
  17. You can also try squeezing or chewing something to ease the pain. Squeezing something in your hand or biting something can actually reduce pain significantly. You can bring, for example, a stress ball, a wrist training device, or chewing gum.

How bad do side breast tattoos hurt?

On your side under your breast situation is the same as on the breast themselves, such a tattoo will hurt because of the proximity of the bones and nerve endings. The “underboob” area is a sensitive spot, so you can definitely expect this one to hurt. You can reduce pain in the same way as with a “classic” breast tattoo, check my list above.

under breast hurts side tattoo
Tattoo under breast inspiration from

What is a tattoo between your boobs called?

When asking a tattooer about your new idea, how to call a tattoo between your breasts? Chest tattoo is a general term of how tattoos on the breast are called, but you can be more precise – for example, sternum tattoos are usually made directly on the breastbone. Some women decide to get tattoos underneath the breasts and follow the natural curves of the cleavage. 

tattoos under and between brests
Examples of tattoos under breasts and on breastbone, inspiration from, and

There are also tattoos called “under-boob” or “under-breast” tattoos, which are literally are tattoos that are made under your breasts, on the front, or at the side of your chest. 

How much does a breast tattoo cost?

Each tattoo artist will answer this question – it depends. Most often on the size, and thus the time needed to complete it. You can assume that the typical small breast tattoo cost falls in the range of $200 to $350 and bigger – $400 to even $1000 for a well-detailed, solid-color design that covers the best part of your breasts. 

tattoo prices examples on breast
Some examples of tattoos on breasts with prices

Can you wear a bra over a new tattoo?

You should not wear a bra that will be in direct contact with the tattooed area for a while when the tattoo will be healing. Tight clothing and bras that are pressing tattooed areas might extend the healing process of the tattoo and result sometimes in improper healing of the tattoo. 

How long can you not wear a bra after a tattoo?

When your tattoo is fresh I would advise you to give it at least two weeks to breathe, and you can go back to wearing what you want. Remember that even the right choice of bra may not stop you from causing problems in the new tattoo healing process. 

What should I wear when getting a tattoo on or under my breast?

The type of clothes you can wear for your breast tattooing session depends on the exact area where you would have a tattoo made. For example, if your tattoo is only on the sternum, wearing a bra should be fine. But if your design is planned in any way under the breast or positioned in a way that your bra will have contact with it, then I would advise avoiding wearing a bra for the session and later for the first 1-2 weeks of the healing process. 

How long do breast tattoos take?

The time needed to complete a tattoo on your breast depends on the size of the tattoo, small designs can be made in 1.5-2 hours, including preparations, but bigger ones can take 4 or even 6 hours to finish. 

Speak with your tattooer before you will decide to check how long they expect to work on the design, so you would know how much you would spend on it and how long will you have to endure the pain, it might be necessary to split work into 2 sessions if it would be too painful. 

how long does it take to finish a tattoo on breasts
How long will it take to make a tattoo on breasts

Tattoo on breast scars? Can you cover a scar on your breast with a tattoo? 

It is fully OK to tattoo over a scar on your breast, assuming that it is not a fresh one. You should wait to be sure around 16-18 months before getting a tattoo on your breast scars. All the scars should be white, not red, but I would also advise consulting a dermatologist before tattooing to make sure that the scar is completely healed. 

It is quite common for tattoo artists to make mastectomy tattoos, which are artistic tattoos on top of the breast area to cover mastectomy scars. Sometimes, women, that got implants but did not decide to go for a nipple reconstruction choose to get mastectomy tattoos.  

scars after mastectomy tattoo on breast
Inspirational tattoo on scars after mastectomy from

Tattoo after breast cancer 

Please remember that you can get a tattoo when you will beat breast cancer, but if you have undergone radiation treatments, the risk of infection is slightly higher for you because your skin is more fragile. Because of that most doctors advise waiting around 5 months after breast surgery before getting a tattoo on other parts of your body, and at least 18 months before tattooing your breasts to cover scars. 

after cancer tattoo on breast
Tattoo on breast after cancer surgery, inspiration from

Can you get a tattoo on your breast with implants?

Of course, you can still get a tattoo after breast implants. It is only important to wait until you’ve completely healed, so at least for 18 months before scars will be fully healed and white. Some women choose to get tattoos after breast implants to cover up their scars and make them even less noticeable.

 on breasts cover up implant scars
Inspiration for implant scars cover up from

Breastfeeding after a tattoo – is it safe? 

According to, there are no regulations against breastfeeding with tattoos. The fact that a tattoo is on your breasts or under them does not increase any risks when breastfeeding. Tattoo ink is deposited in the top layers of your skin and there is a tiny chance of ink betting on your milk supply – your tattooer would have to really mess up the tattoo and go really deep with needles to cause that. Because tattoo ink is under the first layer of your skin baby will have no contact with you. 

How long after a tattoo can I breastfeed?

If you are planning to get a tattoo while you are at the end of pregnancy or later when you are already breastfeeding it would be good to consider waiting a bit. It’s not problematic to have a tattoo and breastfeed, but the problem can be with proper healing of the tattoo when you are breastfeeding. 

A fresh tattoo should be left in peace to heal and breastfeeding can cause the tattoo to be irritated frequently, causing problems with proper healing. 

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Working at the studio on one of my projects

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