Tattoo Lines Getting Thinner: Here’s What You Should Do

If you are pondering the thought of getting a tattoo, you might be worried about how it will look years down the line. All of us have seen those horrible, faded tattoos. If you are looking to get a fine line or simple design tattoo, you may also be wondering if the tattoo lines will get thinner. Well, we’ve done some searching to find out.

Tattoo lines will not change their shape or form once they are fully healed. The lines will not get thinner. Although blowout and leaching can occur while the tattoo is still healing, you should have a beautiful design for many years to come with proper tattoo aftercare.

Tattoo artists agree on the most common reason why tattoos don’t look nice after a couple of years. They agree that it is most likely because people don’t follow the correct tattoo aftercare instructions. Here is a list of the recommended tattoo aftercare protocols and what to do if your tattoo doesn’t heal perfectly.

How To Prevent Tattoo Lines From Getting Thinner

Getting a tattoo will cost some money, even if it is a small, simple design. You certainly don’t want to have that money wasted because your tattoo did not turn out the way you wanted it to. Also, tattoos will fade over time. This is because your body’s immune system will break down the ink.

However, if you care for your tattoo properly, it will be easy for a tattoo artist to touch it up if it does eventually start to fade. It will also last much longer and look nicer if you care for your tattoo properly.

Choose The Right Tattoo Artist

The first step is to go to a professional tattoo artist who works in a clean environment. There are so many tattoo artists to choose from, so the best thing is to browse the internet for a good one.

Tattoo artists specialize in different styles of tattoos, such as traditional, blackwork, and fine lines, to name but a few. Make sure that the artist you go to for your tattoo has experience with the style of tattoo you want to get. Again, viewing their portfolio online can help you to choose the best artist.

It is worthwhile to see how these artists’ work looked after the tattoos have healed because it will indicate if the artist is good.

Proper Tattoo Aftercare To Ensure It Heals Well

After choosing your tattoo and getting it done, it is best to listen to the aftercare instructions your tattoo artist gives you. They know what they are talking about. You should keep in mind that a new tattoo is a wound, and wounds need time to heal.

A new tattoo takes about 14-21 days to heal, depending on the size of the tattoo, as well as the area on your body where you got the tattoo. It would be best to wash the tattoo area with warm water and antibacterial soap during this healing time. Don’t use a sponge or anything abrasive to clean the area. Your hands will do just fine.

If you use abrasive things over your tattoo, you might remove some of the scabs that form on the tattoo. The formation of scabs is a part of the healing process and should be left to fall off on their own. Removing them may cause your tattoo to have empty spots and could also lead to an infection.

You will also need to apply an ointment over the tattoo area. This is to help the healing process of the tattoo by keeping the skin moisturized. Be sparing, though, as you don’t want to suffocate the tattoo. A thin layer will do just fine.

When the tattoo starts scabbing, you can stop using the ointment and begin using a fragrance-free lotion instead. The same rules apply. Please don’t overdo it with the lotion.

While your tattoo is still in the process of healing, it is best if you stay out of a bath, swimming pool, lake, ocean, or anything where you submerge the tattoo in water. Doing so may cause the ink to leach out of your skin. The water will also introduce bacteria and dirt to the area, leading to an infection.

It is best to also best not to expose your healing tattoo to direct sunlight because the skin is more sensitive. However, if you do go outside, remember to apply sunscreen! This is a crucial step to ensuring that your tattoo keeps looking great for many years.

While your tattoo is healing, you also don’t want to do activities where the skin moves around too much, such as intense training. This especially applies if your tattoo is close to your joints.

Properly taking care of your tattoo while it heals is not difficult. Even though there are a few things you should avoid doing during the healing time of your tattoo, it will absolutely be worth it in the long run. However, sometimes, even with proper aftercare, the tattoo still has blank spaces or fades quickly. Here is what to do then.

What If Your Tattoo Doesn’t Heal Properly?

There are some cases where a tattoo might not heal properly, despite taking all the proper aftercare steps. It can happen for many reasons. The ink used and your body’s natural immune system are among them.

You may notice that the ink has bled. In this case, the ink will look a bit smudged under your skin. You can also perhaps see that there are patches where there is no ink in your tattoo. This sometimes happens and is more noticeable if you have a tattoo with many lines.

The best thing to do if your tattoo has not healed correctly is to call your tattoo artist or go in to see them. They will most likely be able to touch up your tattoo and fill in the missing spots. Some tattoo artists recommend that their clients come in for a touch-up three months after getting the original tattoo. Remember to ask your tattoo artists about touch-ups when you first get your tattoo.

 You can also contact your tattoo artist with any questions regarding your tattoo during its healing process. They will help to answer any questions related to tattoo healing and aftercare. If your tattoo does get infected for some reason, you need to see a doctor as soon as possible.


Even though tattoos do fade over time, with proper aftercare and possibly a touch-up, your tattoo lines will not get thinner or change their form.

Tattoos are a brilliant way to show your creativity and express yourself. For many, these have become pieces of art they proudly show off. Getting a tattoo can be daunting, but your tattoo will look great for years to come with proper tattoo aftercare.

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