Should You Get A Matching Tattoo With Your Boyfriend?

Perhaps you’ve commemorated many important moments in your life by getting inked. The tattoos are unique and meaningful, and you have no regrets. Or at least, very few regrets. And now – you’re in the kind of romantic relationship from which dreams are made. They are probably going to be your forever person. So should you commemorate this great love by getting matching tattoos?

Deciding whether to get a matching tattoo with your boyfriend is a significant and deeply personal decision. There are a few things to think about, including whether the tattoo has special meaning for you outside your relationship and your personal motivation for getting this tattoo.

Before you make the big and permanent decision to get matching tattoos with your partner, explore the below factors honestly and openly.

What Will The Tattoo Mean To You Personally?

At first, getting matching tattoos might seem incredibly romantic and a fantastic way to express your commitment and love for each other. But it is worth first exploring the meaning of the tattoo for you, personally, and the implications of such a permanent addition to your body.  

While you want the matching or coordinating tattoo to have significant personal meaning for you as a couple, ideally, it needs to mean something for you individually.  

Are You Feeling Hesitant About The Tattoo?

Do you feel hesitant about the idea of getting matching tattoos? Perhaps the image doesn’t feel right, or maybe the concept of a permanent commitment to body art isn’t appealing. That doesn’t mean your relationship is doomed – it is likely that you just aren’t that keen on the idea of the tattoo – and listening to your instinct is always a good idea.

The length of time you’ve been together should not be a factor in the decision. Instead, the decision needs to be based on the meaning, intent, and motivation to get the tattoo.

Good Motivation Vs Bad Motivation

If you and your bae have been through something momentous or overcome a massive challenge together – this is an example of good motivation. The tattoo can then serve as an inspiration for yourself to keep moving forward.

If, for example, your partner is suggesting a tattoo to identify you as a couple or a sign of possession, this is not a good motivation for getting a tattoo with him.

Generally speaking, women tend to get tattoos for adornment, self-expression, whereas men often get tattoos as a symbol of being part of a group.

When You’ve Decided To Go For It

If you’ve decided that this is a thing you want to do together and your gut is saying “do it”, then here are a few things to bear in mind if you decide to go for it:

Place it somewhere secret

Having your tattoo done in an inconspicuous spot on your body is a good idea, especially if you’re a first-timer or you’re about to share a mark with someone. The ribs, ankle, and hips are better options than across your chest or down your forearm.

Go Small And Simple

With an act as intimate as getting matching tattoos, getting something dainty, simple, and heartfelt is generally a better idea than going big and bold and in-your-face.

They Don’t Need To Match

Instead of getting identical pieces, you could both consider getting different but meaningful tattoos at the same time. Celebrate your individuality, even though you’re part of a couple. 

Consider White Or UV Ink

White ink is a super subtle way of getting a tattoo, depending on your skin tone. It will look a little red at first, but it can be almost invisible as it heals.

Another fun idea is UV ink – this sort of ink is not very visible in the light of day, but it has an amazing glow under UV light.

Have Fun With It

If you’ve chosen something you absolutely love, and you’re sharing it with someone you love, and you have no reservations, then have fun with it. Enjoy the experience so that even if your permanent ink doesn’t translate to being an endless love affair, you will not attach a huge amount of regret to your artwork 

Whether forever or just a short time, people come into our lives for a reason. If you can find the meaning in a relationship, no matter how long it lasts, chances are you won’t regret the tattoo.

Are Matching Tattoos Bad Luck?

It’s unlucky to be superstitious, but many tattoo artists think that getting matching tattoos or getting each other’s names on your body is a bad omen and will doom your relationship.

A common suggestion is that if you’re going to go this route – consider getting something a little more vague that still represents your relationship – a particular date, or a symbol, or a nickname.

Interestingly, this same superstition doesn’t apply to tattoos with friends or family.

What If You Regret Your Decision?

If you went ahead and got the tattoo, and then you were suddenly struck with regret – there are options. But they’re expensive, painful, and time-consuming.

You will have to wait until the tattoo has healed completely before beginning the removal process. The most common way to get rid of a tattoo is through laser treatments. Other options include scarring, via micro-dermabrasion, or surgical removal, possibly with a skin graft.

Just be sure to find a reputable and certified professional to handle the removal.


Before you and your special person book your appointment at the tattoo parlor, take some time to openly and honestly discuss the idea of getting matching tattoos. It might be a grand romantic public declaration of your commitment, your love for each other or what you have overcome together. But it is a permanent decision, and the process of getting rid of a tattoo is a lot harder than the process of getting one.

Make sure that your reasons for getting the tattoo are positive, that the tattoo itself is something that you will love, with or without your boyfriend, and that the placement is somewhere you won’t regret.


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