Is It Bad To Get Matching Tattoos With Your Best Friend?

There’s nothing more special than the bond between two best friends. You and your best friend have probably stuck by each other’s side through the good and the bad times, and you might be thinking of taking your bond to the next level- matching tattoos! Is it a bad thing to get matching tattoos with your best friend?

Many tattoo artists believe that it is bad luck to get matching tattoos with your best friend. Getting matching ink with your best friend is believed to put a bad omen on the relationship, and it can compromise the state of the relationship, and it may never return to how it was before.

You may be wondering, is it time for a more permanent marker of you and your best friend’s friendship? Stay with us as we discuss whether it is bad to get matching tattoos with your best friend and, if you’re going to do it, how to do it correctly!

It Can Be Bad To Get A Matching Tattoo With Your Best Friend

If you plan to get a matching tattoo with your best friend, there is no 100% guarantee that the friendship between the two of you will last or stay as strong until the end of time.

If the friendship between you and your best friend ends in a bad way, both of you will have an eternal reminder of the relationship that isn’t there anymore. The same goes for girlfriends, boyfriends, and even spouses.

You may need to cover it up eventually or pay for tattoo removal treatments, which can be both expensive and painful! It is also really important to keep in mind that while getting a tattoo together might not seem like the worst thing you and your best friend need to go through, tattoos are forever, they can be expensive, and they can hurt- a lot!

Things To Do BEFORE Getting A Tattoo With Your Best Friend

Now that you know why it could be bad to get matching tattoos with your best friend, you may not have changed your mind, which is fine! However, before you and your best friend get some matching ink, you may want to consider a few things:

First, Think About It!

It is important that you think about the tattoo you want, with your best friend, of course! Never get a tattoo with your best friend while drunk or high, and never do it because of a dare or because you want to annoy your parents!

You also shouldn’t get a tattoo with your best friend if one of you feels like you have been peer-pressured into it because tattoos are “cool.” It would be your best bet to have a real, private, and serious talk about whether both of you feel comfortable enough in your friendship to get tattooed with matching ink permanently.

Also, remember that both you and your best friend will need to be 100% on board with the sketches or design of the tattoo. You need to find one both of you like and an artist both of you approve of. Never rush into getting a tattoo with your best friend, as it may lead to instant regret.

Keep In Mind That Friendships End

It may shatter your heart when you think about you and your best friend’s relationship coming to an end. Unfortunately, most friendships do end!

You will be able to heal the best friend shaped hole in your heart, but you won’t be able to heal the piece of permanent ink left on your skin to remind you of each other forever. There is luckily a way both of you can get a tattoo while protecting yourself just in case things goes south.

The two of you can go with a tattoo that both of you like, such as a small animal or an initial that you could make your own if the friendship between you and your friend ceases to exist.

Choose A Discreet Or Hidden Place

There’s no running from the fact that getting a tattoo with anyone, especially your best friend, is a significant and lifelong commitment. It doesn’t matter whether the tattoo is in the middle of your chest or hidden away on your ribs. It will stay there unless you go through the pain to laser it off.

If you feel like you do not want to see the tattoo every day, or if you are scared anyone else can see it, you can lessen the pressure by simply putting your new ink somewhere hidden!

Try To Keep It Simple And Small

Another thing you should know about before getting a matching tattoo with your best friend is the overall size of the tattoo.

Instead of laying the duration of a whole day under the tattoo needle and coming out with your entire arm tattooed as a symbol of you and your best friend’s love, you can pick out something more dainty, which both of you agree upon.

Remember That Matching Tattoos Don’t Have To Be Identical!

There can be a common misconception when it comes to getting a tattoo with somebody else. People think that they have to get matching artwork on their skin to use it to symbolize their strong friendship.

In reality, the ink is going into your skin, so technically, you can do whatever is the most meaningful to you as an individual! For example, you can get a yin, while your best friend gets yang. Matching best friend tattoos- but with a twist!


While it is not seen as bad luck to get a matching tattoo with your best friend, there are several things you will need to consider before taking action. Remember that tattoos are forever, and both of you need to be on board with the design.

If you have thought about it for a while and you feel you still want to get matching tattoos with your best friend, go for it! May the friendship between you and your best friend be as permanent as the enduring ink on your skins!

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