Is A Tattoo A Good Anniversary Gift?

If someone gave me a tattoo as a gift, I would be so happy. If I were married and my other half surprised me with a tattoo as an anniversary gift, even more so. It could be because I am no virgin regarding tattoos, marriage, yes. What I do know is that a tattoo has the power to symbolize love, togetherness, and a loyalty that is skin deep.

A tattoo is a fantastic anniversary gift. As long as the recipient is excited to get the tattoo done, then it’s a gift that screams forever like no other. If you decide to get “couple tattoos,” the meaning intensifies and catches a moment in time forever. Just don’t get a divorce anytime soon.

Finding the perfect anniversary present can be a bit stressful, even when you have been together for years or decades. You want a gift that “speaks” to your better half’s heart, symbolizing the words “I love you” in a unique and memorable way. Getting your partner, a tattoo, might be the best anniversary gift idea ever!

Is A Tattoo A Good Anniversary Gift?

A tattoo as an anniversary gift will only be considered as a good and thoughtful gift if the person receiving it meets the following criteria:

  • The tattoo recipient has expressed their desire to get a tattoo in the past or recent present.
  • The recipient of the tattoo has been inked before.
  • The tattoo recipient is open-minded to new experiences, not prejudiced against people with ink on the skin, and doesn’t suffer from skin diseases themselves.

A tattoo is a very special gift. It’s super personal, and for people who wish to celebrate and cherish a specific memory, getting inked symbolizes a moment in time. Many married people get couple tattoos to symbolize their love for each other, usually on special anniversaries or just after they get married.

Tips When Receiving A Tattoo As An Anniversary Gift

When your incredible better half surprises you with a tattoo as an anniversary present, a few factors automatically come into play. Does your partner expect you to get a specific design, or do they expect you to include them on your skin in some way or form?

Here are some suggestions when accepting a tattoo as an anniversary gift:

  • Take your time to decide what you want to put on your skin – your present= your design – it’s for life, so make sure the tattoo makes sense to you. Proper research is crucial.
  • If the tattoo gift is part of a couple’s tattoo package, you have to be sure that your relationship will last, as getting names (faces even worse) tattooed on your bodies may come back to bite you in the backside.
  • Minimal tattoo designs are probably your safest bet when it comes to couple tattoos: designs that symbolize love without spelling it out, like connected heartbeats, king and queen crowns, compass and ship combo, lock and key, love quotes, special dates, matching tattoos on the ring fingers, and so forth.
  • Keep it small and intimate, and on areas of your body that will age well, you will still want to recognize the design on your 50th wedding anniversary.
  • Get a temporary tattoo first: Experience how a specific design presents on your skin, most notably how it feels on your body, before committing to the real deal (temp tattoos last from 3 days to a couple of weeks and cost between $5-$20.)
  • Ensure that the tattoo parlor is as clean as a dentist’s office: ask to inspect the equipment – needles should be brand new, sterilized, and wrapped – and the work area should be clear of any possible contamination from any items like cellphones and personal belongings.
  • Ensure that the tattoo artist wears gloves and that you did proper research on the parlor and artists before getting inked.

I don’t doubt the longevity of true love for a second, and I’m not trying to sound pessimistic with the above suggestions, but going overboard with flamboyant designs and elaborateness has caused many a person heartache in the end.

The physical and emotional pain of removing a tattoo with laser treatment is real, or covering up a tattoo that reminds you of an ex-lover is expensive and not ideal. The sad reality of modern marriages in the United States today is that 53 % end up in a divorce.

When Is A Tattoo A Bad Anniversary Gift?

When contemplating spoiling your loved one with a tattoo, you might wonder how a tattoo can be a bad gift? More so when it’s meant to be a special anniversary present. I am sorry to break the news; there are instances where a tattoo can be a lousy anniversary gift.

Here are some examples of such instances:

  • If your partner has a history of cancer, the organic dyes and metallic salts used to apply tattoos can cause inflammation, potentially increasing the risk of malignant transformation.
  • If your partner is on blood thinners or pregnant, a tattoo is a bad idea.
  • If your partner suffers from extreme eczema, psoriasis, or other skin diseases, a tattoo might be considered a bad gift choice.
  • If your partner dislikes tattoos, but you thought you could convince them to change their minds with a paid-for gift on your special day, it is not cool.
  • If your partner suffers from severe allergies, a tattoo might be a no-go.
  • Suppose your partner’s immune system is compromised through bad habits like smoking,
  • excessive drinking, the use of recreational drugs, and poor sleeping habits. In that case, it can delay the tattoo’s healing process and affect the tattoo’s quality and longevity.


A tattoo can be a good gift and can make any anniversary special, creating a memory that will last for a lifetime. As a tattoo person, such a present will rank up with the best of the best. You have to be pretty sure that your partner feels the same way

 from your side. 

Locate a tattoo parlor that is respectable and safe, as you are putting your loved one in their hands. Allow them to choose their skin adventure, and if you are going for a “couple tattoo,” keep it simple, and remember that both partners’ input will create that special bonding moment.


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