Is A Stud Or Ring Better For A Nose Piercing?

Nose rings are more popular and mainstream than ever. Gone are the days when a nose piercing was seen as taboo. A nose piercing adds personality and something unique to your style. You will never get bored of the many different styles of nose jewelry. But, if you are planning to get a nose piercing, you may wonder if a stud or ring is better for your nose piercing?

For a first-time nose piercing, a stud is recommended so that the piercing doesn’t heal curved to match the curve of a ring. This can cause difficulties when switching to a stud. For existing nose piercings, it is a matter of preference, but a stud is often more versatile with many styles available.

Whether you are getting a nose piercing for the first time or already have a nose piercing, it is important to match the jewelry to your lifestyle and needs. Not only should you consider what the jewelry will look like in your nose, but also which jewelry you can wear with the position of your nose piercing. Read on to fully understand whether a stud or ring is better for a nose piercing.

The Position Of A Nose Piercing May Determine The Jewellery

The position of your nose piercing may determine whether a stud or ring is better. When it comes to a nose stud, no matter how high up on the nose or where the nose piercing is on the nose, it will always be the same size and shape stud used.

On the other hand, the higher up the nostril a nose piercing is, the bigger the ring will need to be so that it will fit around the nostril comfortably. A piercing that is too close to the edge of the nostril will leave a large gap between it and the ring and may move or become uncomfortable.

If you are planning to get a nose piercing, consider whether you will want to wear only studs or rings, or whether you will change between them. With the consultation of your piercing specialist, consider the best placement of the nose piercing to accommodate your style and needs.

Versatility And Styles Of Nose Rings And Studs 

While both nose rings and nose studs have an almost endless number of designs and decorative elements, there are more basic types of nose studs than there are of nose rings. In many cases, nose studs are more versatile than nose rings.

Nose rings come in two basic forms, a closed ring and a horseshoe. With a nostril piercing, it is most common to use a closed ring. While the size of the ring may vary, and you can put beads and other decorations onto it, more often than not, it is a plain ring that people use for this type of piercing. 

If you often change your style or match your jewelry to other fashions, a nose ring may become boring after a while.

On the other hand, a nose stud has many different types, styles, and an almost infinite number of designs.

There are three main types of nose studs to consider:

  1. Nose bone – a small, straight stud that slides into the piercing and is held in place by a beaded end.
  2. L-Shaped pin – a straight stud that is bent on the bottom end to keep the stud in place. The bend is sometimes made once the stud has been inserted.
  3. Nostril screw – a stud with a curved end to hold the stud in place inside the nostril.

Often a ‘nose bone’ is used for first-time piercings as they are smaller than other types of nose piercings and are easy to remove once the nose piercing is completely healed.

The design options for a stud can range to suit your needs and style: There is everything from a simple and small ball to colorful and elaborate designs. These allow you to express yourself in a visible way or even help you conceal your nose piercing with a very small or flesh-colored ball or disk if need be. The options are endless.

Another advantage of a nose stud is that it can be concealed more easily than a nose ring. A trimmed and well-placed band-aid can conceal a nose stud, or a very small stud covered with a little makeup can often do the trick. Sometimes, you can even paint a small metal nose stud with a nail polish that matches your skin tone.

Where To Place A Nose Ring

If you choose a ring rather than a stud for your nose piercing, be careful where you place it on your nose.

Chat to your piercer for the best placement, but take the following into account:

  • The size of the ring will need to increase the higher up the nose the piercing is placed.
  • There should be a very small gap between the ring and the edge of your nostril, so consider this.
  • The angle of the nose piercing for a nose ring is important. If the angle is not gentle enough the ring will stick out at an awkward angle.

Even if you are starting with a stud, if you would like to put a ring in your nose piercing at some point, give some thought to the piercing placement.

What Is The Best Metal For A Nose Piercing?

Because a piercing passes through part of the body, the type and grade of metal are important. The wrong metal may tarnish, leave a mark or cause your skin to have a reaction. 

The two best types of metal to choose for your nose piercing are:

  • Implant-grade titanium: This is a safe and biocompatible metal that very few people will find disagreeable. It is nickel-free and relatively expensive. For first-time piercings, this is also best.
  • Niobium: While it is softer and more expensive than titanium, it is also recommended by piercers as very good for first-time piercings. It is biocompatible if it is pure niobium.

After your piercing heals, consider the following metals:

  • Surgical Stainless Steel: Be aware that the grade of stainless steel will make a difference here! It is heavier than titanium but less expensive, and usually, more designs are available in stainless steel.
  • Gold: It is expensive, but if you can afford it, a high karat gold ring or stud will suit a nose piercing well.

Avoid silver if possible, as it tarnishes easily and can leave a mark or a stain on your skin at the piercing site. If you use silver in other piercings and your skin does not react to it, you can try silver in your nose piercing, but titanium, niobium, stainless steel, and gold are usually recommended.


For first-time piercings, a stud is usually recommended by professional piercers. This is because it is easier to place, and the nose piercing is less likely to heal with the curve of the ring. Studs often come in various styles, sizes, and colors, giving a little more room to express yourself with. A nose stud is often easier to conceal and can be easier to take out on your own. A nose ring is a great nose piercing but takes a little more planning when placing the nose piercing. In many cases, it is a matter of preference whether a stud or a ring is better for a nose piercing. Be sure to chat to your professional piercer before deciding which to get.

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