How Can I Hide My Septum Piercing Without Flipping It Up?

The septum piercing is arguably one of the trendiest piercings now. Many celebrities have been spotted showing off their septum rings, adding to the hype surrounding the septum piercing. However, your school, work, or even more conservative family might not approve of a septum piercing, thus making it necessary to hide it. But how can you hide it without flipping it up?

Flipping a septum ring up into the nose is not for everyone, so some might consider using a septum bullet keeper instead of a regular septum ring. Other options to hide the piercing without flipping it up include silicon retainers or curved barbells.

Replacing your septum jewelry shortly after piercing is never a good idea. As piercers would not usually pierce the septum using a septum bullet keeper or curved barbell, this might not be a good option for a fresh piercing. There are other ways to hide your septum piercing, even if it is freshly pierced, but it is always best to consult a reputable piercer.

Can You Hide A Septum Piercing Without Flipping It Up?

Of all the different facial piercings you could get, septum piercing is undoubtedly the easiest to hide. Because this piercing is located inside the nose, the actual piercing site is not easily visible. Undoubtedly, the most common way to hide a septum piercing when needed is by flipping the jewelry up your nose, but not everyone might want to do that.

One option to hide your septum piercing is to use a septum bullet keeper. The septum bullet keeper is a smooth steel spike with one rounded edge and a flat stopper. The septum bullet keeper can be inserted into the piercing hole and is then kept in place with a silicon o ring. It effectively hides the piercing while being easy to insert or remove and comfortable to wear.

Another option to hide a septum piercing is a straight or curved barbell. One must be sure to use a barbell that is not too long so as not to bump against the nostrils inside the nose, but if the correct size of a barbell is used, it could be very comfortable to wear while effectively hiding the piercing. One significant disadvantage is that it could be challenging to insert and remove.

There are also retainers available that could be used for a septum piercing. These are available in different materials, from transparent silicon or glass to surgical steel. The most common type of retainer is U-shaped, which would still have to be flipped up, but might be less irritating, as the points are shorter and won’t go as deep into the nose. 

To change jewelry on a fresh piercing is never a good idea, so it might not be possible to hide a new septum piercing without flipping it up into the nose. One could try to convince the piercer to use a curved or straight barbell for the piercing, but most reputable piercers would not consider this. Some good piercers would consider using a piercing retainer, but only when asked to do so.

How Can I Hide A New Septum Piercing?

Like any new piercing, a septum piercing needs to be fully healed before the jewelry is replaced. As a septum piercing takes 6-8 weeks to heal, a person would not be able to replace their new septum piercing for the first two months. Many people would not be able to wait that long before hiding their septum piercing and might wonder how they can hide it until it is healed.

One way to hide your new septum piercing, which is often recommended by professional piercers, is to have your septum pierced with a circular barbell, which the piercer will flip up your nose during the piercing process. This jewelry would then have to remain flipped up for the healing period, as flipping it would unnecessarily extend the healing period.

Many piercers are also prepared to pierce a septum using a septum retainer. The U-shaped retainer would still be visible if not flipped up, as it still has points that would show outside the nose. Although these points are usually shorter than those of a circular barbell, they would still be visible enough to necessitate flipping it up into the nose.

One more way to completely hide a new septum piercing would be to have it pierced with a curved or straight barbell. Barbells have balls that are screwed onto the ends, which is very difficult for a septum piercing due to the limited space in the nostrils. Most reputable piercers would not be prepared to pierce the septum using this type of jewelry, as it is more difficult to put in or take out.

The last method you can use to hide a fresh septum piercing is to cover the jewelry with flesh-colored tape. The tape would not completely hide the piercing but would make it less noticeable and could therefore effectively be used by someone working from home when attending online meetings. One must take care to clean the jewelry properly after removing the tape.

How Long Must I Wait Before Changing Septum Jewelry?

As with any new piercing, it is never a good idea to change septum jewelry before it is completely healed. Changing or fiddling with piercing jewelry before the piercing is completely healed will unnecessarily prolong the healing time. It would also be harmful to flip a septum piercing up and down regularly while it’s still healing.

The healing time for a septum piercing varies from person to person, but it usually is 6 to 8 weeks. For this reason, it is not recommended that a person changes or fiddles with a new septum piercing for at least the first two months. Piercings can close quickly if they are not entirely healed, and trying to change septum jewelry too early, could lead to losing the piercing altogether.

Before getting a septum piercing, one should consider whether they might need to hide it during the first two months and, if so, whether they are prepared to wear it flipped up for the whole healing period. If not, there is a wide selection of septum jewelry available that can be worn without piercings. This could provide the look without the risk of a piercing closing up if removed too early.


One way to hide a septum piercing without flipping it up is to replace the jewelry with a septum bullet keeper, which is comfortable to wear and easy to put in and remove. As one should not change jewelry before the piercing is completely healed, this would not be a good option for a fresh septum piercing, which might necessitate wearing a septum ring flipped while the piercing is healing.

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