Do Wrist Tattoos Fade?

In the last few years, tattoos have transformed from a cultural taboo to a widely accepted way of self-expression. Many people have opted for small, simple designs. Wrists are commonplace for these types of tattoos. However, one might wonder if wrist tattoos fade. The last thing anyone wants is faded horrid-looking ink.

No matter where on your body you get them, all tattoos will fade to some degree over time. Wrist tattoos are not more or less likely to fade than any other tattoo. Whether or not your wrist tattoo holds up with time depends mainly on how you care for it and which tattoo artist you used.

Taking care of your tattoo will ensure it stays looking fresh and beautiful for a long time. Choosing a good tattoo artist is also very important for ensuring you are happy with your tattoo and that it will last for years to come. So how do you go about doing this? Continue reading to find out.

Choosing The Right Tattoo Artist So Your Tattoos Won’t Fade

There are so many tattoo artists to choose from. But not all of them deliver quality work. So before you decide on what artist you would like to go to for your wrist tattoo, you need to determine what style of tattoo you want.

There are many styles of tattoos, such as traditional, fine line, neo-traditional, watercolor, blackwork, and more. However, tattoo artists tend to specialize in or prefer doing a specific style of tattoos. Therefore, you should first know what tattoo style you want and then start browsing for a good tattoo artist.

Finding a tattoo artist specializing in your chosen tattoo style might seem a bit daunting. Still, luckily there is one place that is perfect for doing just that… Instagram!

Many tattoo artists use Instagram to market their business. They will usually showcase their portfolio on Instagram as well. If you are able to see photos of their tattoos after they have healed, it is even better. Seeing how their work heals up is a good indication of the quality of their work.

Tattoo artists with a good portfolio will most likely have a higher following on Instagram. A higher following can also serve as a measure of the quality of their work. Furthermore, you can do your research on google. Be sure to read some reviews to see what their clients say.

How To Care For Your Wrist Tattoo

After getting your wrist tattoo from a professional tattoo artist, there are a few things you can do to prevent your tattoo from fading. The most important of these things is taking care of your tattoo while it heals.

The tattoo artist will give you a list of aftercare instructions. You would be wise to trust them and follow their advice.

Tattoo aftercare is not complicated. While your tattoo is healing, you must avoid using anything abrasive on it. Therefore, you should wash it with antibacterial soap and warm water using only your hands.

You want to apply a thin layer of tattoo ointment over your tattoo for the first couple of days. Your tattoo artist will recommend an ointment. Once your tattoo starts to form scabs, you can switch to an unscented lotion. Again, a thin layer will suffice.

Try not to pick at the scabs that form over your tattoo. The formation of scabs is a crucial part of the healing process. Picking at the scabs may cause them to fall off prematurely, causing blank spots in your tattoo. Instead, you should leave them to fall off naturally.

Keep away from swimming pools, Jacuzzis, lakes, or any other area where your tattoo will be submerged in water. Keeping your tattoo clean and free from bacteria is essential in the healing process.

If you submerge your tattoo in water for a long time, the ink can also leach out. This will cause your tattoo to fade quicker.

You should also avoid exposing your tattoo to sunlight while it heals. The tattoo area will feel sensitive to light, and allowing that area to burn will affect its overall healing.

If you go into the sun with your tattoo, be sure to apply sunscreen. This step not only applies when your tattoo is healing but should be a step in your long-term tattoo care.

As mentioned previously, all tattoos, including wrist tattoos, will fade over time. This is due to your body’s natural immune system. However, you can take steps to manage your tattoo when it fades and keep it looking fresh.

What To Do When Your Wrist Tattoo Fades

After some years, your wrist tattoo will fade somewhat. How much depends on the color of your tattoo, your tattoo care, and your body’s immune system.

When you notice that your tattoo has faded, it will be a good idea to schedule a touch-up. It is best to schedule a touch-up appointment with the tattoo artist who initially did the tattoo. Unless, of course, you were unhappy with their work.

During a touch-up appointment, the tattoo artist will assess the state of your tattoo and fill in any blank areas or faded lines. If your tattoo is faded a lot, they will tattoo over it to introduce some new ink and help it to look fresh once again.

Be sure to follow the aftercare instructions again when you have gone for a touch-up. How often a touch-up is needed will be different for each person.

Be sure to discuss touching up your tattoo with your tattoo artist when you first get your tattoo. Some artists advise their clients to come in for a touch-up after three months.


Like any other tattoo, Wrist tattoos will fade to some extent over the years. However, choosing the right tattoo artist to do the tattoo and following the correct tattoo aftercare protocols. As will help to ensure that your tattoo remains as bright and beautiful as the day you first got it.


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