Do Blue Ink Tattoos Hold Up Well Over Time?

Tattoos have gone from something associated with sailors and soldiers to being beautiful and modern pieces of art. Today, tattoos come in millions of different styles, designs, and a very wide variety of colors. Are you thinking of getting a blue ink tattoo?

Blue and dark blue ink is a longer wearable pigment when it comes to tattooing. The color blue suits any type of skin tone, and like black ink, dark blue tattoo colors are the best for darker skin tones. Blue tattoos can easily last up to ten years without being re-touched if cared for correctly.

It is essential to consider and think about many important factors before getting a tattoo of any color that is not black. Do blue ink tattoos hold up well over time? Stay with us to find out the basics about blue ink tattoos!

A Brief History About Blue Ink Tattoos

The first color tattoos originated in ancient Egypt. All tattoos prior to this were produced in black! Ancient Inuit, as well as ancient Roman people, were also believed to have started to tattoo in color.

However, this information is ultimately based on the artifacts and trinkets that were found from that specific timeline. The Inuit people were most fond of darker yellow, orange, and brown colors.

Colorful tattoos became more and more notable during the 17th century, as tattooing in Japan became more popular and acceptable. In this period, tattooing was stopped being treated as a punishment.

Tattooing quickly started to become a piece of art and skill. And until today, you will still see Japanese tattoos filled with bold and bright colors.

When it came to the end of the 19th century, the UK and USA became more accustomed to color tattoos.

They use only the most basic forms of tattoo colors, and only artworks that contained the colors green, blue, yellow, and red were done.

The variation and popularity of colored tattoos are primarily connected to the advances made to tattoo inks.

What To Consider When Choosing A Blue Tattoo Ink

During the last few decades, a lot of time and money has gone into developing higher-quality tattoo ink colors.

Tattoo colors are more accessible and safer to work with than ever, with several vegan and cruelty-free options as well. Today, at least ten inks in different shades of each color will be available for customers to choose from.

The newer and more advanced tattoo ink technology has also decreased the risk of reactions and is much more durable.

You should know by now that tattoos are permanent, and you will want to choose wisely. You definitely do not want to regret having your tattoo for a lifetime or spend heaps of money on painful laser removals.

Before you decide on the color blue for your unique tattoo design, you might want to look at the considerations listed below:

Your Skin Tone And Complexion

Your skin color will play a huge role when it comes to the overall visibility of your tattoos. Lighter-colored tattoos will be more visible with lighter skin tones than darker skin tones.

If you have tanned or medium skin, colors such as reds, oranges, greens, and blues will work well with your skin’s complexion.

If you have a dark complexion, you can opt for darker colored inks, such as black, crimson, or dark blue.

The Undertone Of Your Skin

Your skin has one of three undertones: cool, neutral, and warm. Cooler undertones are usually known to be pinkish, reddish, or blueish. These complexions work well with red, black, white, purple, and orange tattoo inks.

Neutral undertones are not known to have very noticeable vein colors and do not have uneven complexions. Any tattoo color would be suitable for you if you have a neutral skin tone.

Lastly, warm skin undertones are generally golden, peachy, or more yellowish. Getting a blue, green, purple, red, or black ink tattoo would work best if you have a warmer undertone.

You Can’t Always Get A Tattoo Over Your Freckles

Light-skinned people are much more prone to freckles, and they usually have more sensitive skin as well. Some ink colors do not work well with freckled skin.

This is why it would benefit you to consult your dermatologist or your tattoo artist before getting a colored tattoo.

They will provide you with an educated opinion on whether or not you should get a colored tattoo.

How To Determine If Blue Ink Is The Right Color For You

Choosing the correct color for your tattoo is a crucial and a huge part of the tattoo designing process. Colors can change everything about your tattoo. It can help it come to life or replicate a particular image or painting.

When you’re considering a specific color tattoo, such as blue, there are several things you need to consider. If you want a small tattoo, blue tends to blend in with your skin and bleed in.

More significant pieces will always look better with colored tattoos, especially blue. It will make your large art piece a centerpiece on your body, making it clear to see.

When you choose the color for your tattoo, remember that your overall skin tone will make a big impact on how it looks on your skin, as well as how long it will last.

This is why it is crucial to be correct about your skin tone to get the most out of your colored tattoo.

Blue-colored tattoos will look significantly different once they have healed completely, and make sure you keep this in mind while getting your tattoo.


Now that you know all the things to consider when getting a blue ink tattoo, you may be reevaluating your choices. However, blue is a very prominent color and will appear beautiful when placed correctly.

Blue ink tattoos tend to last for years, but it ultimately depends on how you care for them afterward. You will be prolonging your tattoo’s life by moisturizing continuously, keeping it out of the sun and away from moisture. When looked after correctly, any tattoo can look great for a long time!

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