Can You Smoke With A Lip Piercing?

There are many placement options to consider when getting a lip piercing and many different ways to customize your piercing. The lip piercing is playful, flirty, and alluring. If you’re a smoker and desperately want to get a lip piercing, you may be wondering if you can smoke with a new lip piercing.

It would be best if you tried to avoid smoking once you have your lip pierced, as smoking can delay the healing process. Some guidelines suggest avoiding smoking during the healing period, which is between 6-10 weeks. Other guidelines say that it is safe to smoke 9 hours after your lip piercing.

Like most other habits, smoking is hard to give up, and you may not want to go for weeks without smoking while your piercing heals. Smoking should be avoided when getting a lip piercing but just how long smoking should be avoided remains your choice. Some guidelines suggest no smoking in the first 9 hours after getting pierced, but most people can’t wait this long and smoke anyway.

Can You Smoke With A Lip Piercing?

There are a few options for the placement of a lip ring. These include the labret, located underneath the bottom lip in the center, the medusa above your top lip in the center indentation below the nose, and piercings on the upper lip called a Monroe. Each has its appeal, and choosing a lip piercing that suits your style is best.

It’s not advisable to smoke right after you get your lip pierced. People who have been smoking for a while may find it challenging to go a few hours without smoking. Also, you could delay the healing time if you decide to smoke too soon after your lip has been pierced.

Once your lip piercing has healed, you can smoke as you normally would. However, the correct measures must be taken during the healing process to avoid your lip ring getting infected. The healing time is 6-10 weeks for most lip piercings, but this can vary depending on how your body heals.

What Happens If You Smoke While Your Lip Piercing Heals?

If you decide to smoke while your lip piercing is healing you can delay the healing time and risk infection. The mouth has lots of bacteria, so the risk of infection is higher than with other piercings. A lip piercing is on the inside and outside of the mouth. Both sides need to be kept clean to heal correctly. Brushing your teeth and using mouthwash is essential.

Smoking dries out your lip piercing, and nicotine slows down your body’s ability to heal. Instead, opt to use nicotine patches or lozenges during this time. You could also switch to an e-cigarette with a low dose of nicotine in the e-juice.

Swelling and inflammation are likely to increase if you smoke while your lip piercing is healing. Some swelling is normal after a lip piercing, but it can be aggravated if you smoke. If you can stay away from cigarettes during the healing period, this will be best. If you have to smoke with your lip piercing, use an alcohol-free mouthwash and rinse before and after you smoke.

Can You Smoke Once Your Lip Piercing Heals?

Once your lip piercing is completely healed and you’ve already been able to change your lip jewelry, it’s safe to continue smoking. There are still risks for inflammation and infection, but they become reduced once the piercing has healed.

If you only start smoking once your piercing has healed, you are less likely to have an infected piercing and a piercing that has not healed. Some smokers find that if they start smoking too early with their lip piercing, it does not heal, and they may have to remove their lip piercing and get it re-pierced once the piercing site has healed.

Identifying An Infected Lip Piercing While Smoking

While a piercing is new, some irritation, swelling, and inflammation are expected. As your body adjusts to having a new piercing, your piercing will begin to heal. However, in some cases, your piercing may become infected, and the risk of this happening is much higher when you smoke.

During the healing period, routine healing of your lip piercing presents the following symptoms:

  • Warmth
  • Light throbbing
  • Minor swelling
  • Redness
  • Tenderness
  • Clear to white discharge

If you think you may have an infected lip piercing, you should look out for the following signs:

  • Increasing pain at and around the piercing site
  • Redness beyond the piercing site
  • Excessive amounts of bleeding
  • Fever
  • Pus at the piercing site
  • A bump at the back or front of the piercing

Mild infections can be treated by improving the way you clean your piercing. Never skip a cleaning of your piercing. It’s essential to clean your piercing daily as recommended for the duration of the healing period. If you have a more serious infection in your lip piercing, you may need to visit your professional piercer so they can advise on the proper treatment and if your lip piercing should be removed.

Tips On Taking Care Of Your Lip Piercing While It Heals

There are a few things you should do to ensure optimum healing of your lip piercing. These include:

  • Avoid twisting, turning, or sliding your lip jewelry
  • Don’t touch your lip piercing unless you need to
  • Avoid kissing
  • Don’t use Asprin; avoid consuming alcohol or large amounts of caffeine during healing.
  • Don’t wash your lip piercing with soap; this can dry out your skin too much.
  • Avoid changing your lip jewelry before the recommended healing time
  • Use a saline solution spray to clean your piercing
  • Rinse your mouth with an alcohol-free mouthwash while your lip piercing is healing
  • Spray a saline solution on your lip piercing 3-6 times per day during the healing period
  • Brush and floss gently to avoid causing trauma to your lip piercing

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Smoking with a lip piercing is not recommended during the healing period. However, if you need to smoke while your piercing is healing, you can smoke 9 hours after you get your lip piercing. It’s best instead to use nicotine patches, lozenges, or an e-cigarette while your lip piercing heals to avoid infections and avoid slowing down the healing process.


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