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Can You Get Two Tattoos In One Day? Is It Worth Trying?

Do you have a tattoo session coming up that you are getting excited about? Maybe you have a few tattoo designs in mind but cannot decide which tattoo you want to get this session and which tattoo you want to get the following session? This situation may have you wondering, can you get two tattoos in one day

You may get two tattoos in one day if they do not interfere with each other, like two small tattoos in different areas, for example. However, it is not recommended to get two tattoos that would interfere with each other while getting tattooed and healing. 

Your tattoo artist will help guide you as to whether or not the two tattoos you would like to get in one session are a good idea or not. There are ways that you could make getting two tattoos in one day work; however, there are also many reasons that it may not work/may not be a good idea.

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Can You Get Two Tattoos In One Day?

This answer depends because yes, you can get two tattoos in one day hypothetically; however, whether or not your artist will allow you to get two tattoos in one day will depend on which two tattoos you want to get in the same day.

If you are set on getting two tattoos in one day/one session, consider getting two small tattoos.

The smaller your tattoo is, the quicker it will heal, and the less chance of infection you will have as your immune system will be able to fight them off easily.

For example, getting a quote and a small 3-inch image in one day should not be an issue, especially if you are getting them placed in different areas, as the swelling from the first one will not affect the skin quality that your second tattoo needs to be tattooed on.

When it comes to getting two tattoos in one day, the smaller they are, the better.

What Two Tattoos Would I Not Be Able To Get In One Day?

Do not get two tattoos in one session if the second tattoo will affect the first one in any way and vice versa.

If getting a second tattoo requires you to lean or lay on your first tattoo while getting it, it could compromise your first tattoo and the quality of its appearance, and if your second tattoo needs to be close to the first tattoo where there is a large amount of swelling in the skin, it may affect the integrity of the linework of your second tattoo.

Essentially, the type of tattoos that you should not get two of on the same day are tattoos that will negatively affect each other in one way or another.

Can You Get Tattooed Two Days In A Row?

As we said earlier, you will be able to get tattooed two days in a row if you are getting two separate tattoos, and the second tattoo does not require you to lay or lean on your first tattoo.

Getting two separate tattoos two days in a row may come with some risks, though, such as a compromised immune system.

Your immune system will be mainly focused on ensuring that no infections happen in the open wound that is your new tattoo. It will be fighting off any germs or bacteria that your tattoo may be exposed to and helping your skin in that area heal.

If you go ahead with getting a second tattoo the next day, your immune system will have to split its efforts. Your body will now need to try to fight the battle against infection in two separate areas of skin, meaning that you now stand a higher risk of getting an infection in both tattoos as they heal.

Getting the same tattoo worked on two days in a row is not only not recommended, but it is also highly advised against. It is suggested that you wait to add any new ink to a new tattoo until after it has finished healing, which will take anywhere between two to three weeks.

It is not recommended to add more ink to a fresh tattoo before it is healed for the following reasons:

  • Your tattoo is a fresh wound that your body is now trying to heal. Your tattoo will be swollen and may have even started to scab by the day after you had your tattoo done. To try and tattoo over a piece of skin in this condition would not only be incredibly painful to have to endure, but your skin would not take the ink in well at all. 
  • Tattooing over a fresh tattoo from the previous day may even compromise the integrity of your tattoo and could ruin it permanently – similarly to how if your body is trying to heal a wound that keeps opening up again, it will likely cause a bad scar.

It is possible to tattoo around the area that was worked on the day before; For instance, if you had a flower tattooed the day before, you could tattoo the stem the following day, as it is not going over the existing fresh tattoo.

However, this is still not recommended as the whole area around the tattoo may be swollen, which may compromise your tattoo’s shape and the lines your artist tries to pull.

Instead, it is recommended that you wait until the first part of the tattoo is healed before you add anything more to it.

How Often Can You Get Tattooed?

You can get tattooed essentially every three weeks if you choose to. As long as your most recent tattoo is always healed, you will be able to go in for your next tattoo session.

However, there could be a few things that may be a hindrance when it comes to how frequently you may be able to go and get a new tattoo.


The number one biggest thing that often gets in between you and that buzzing tattoo gun is the budget for your next tattoo.

Tattoos are expensive, which means that you would need to have rather large savings account if you wanted to be going to get a new tattoo every three weeks.

Otherwise, you would need to spend a few months saving in-between each tattoo session to build up enough money for every new piece.

Your Artist’s Availability

Even if you did have the cash on hand to be getting tattooed on that kind of a regular basis, your tattoo artist might not be available to see you every three weeks. 

Most skilled tattoo artists are booked up for at least a month or two in advance, which means that if you did intend on getting a new tattoo every three weeks, you would need to make sure that you book multiple sessions with your tattoo artist a few months in advance.

If you did not book multiple sessions in advance with your tattoo artist, then you are unfortunately going to need to wait until their next available booking. 

Your Immune System

When you are constantly getting new tattoos, your immune system will constantly be fighting off infections for those new tattoos.

With your immune system busy fighting infections, it may leave you feeling more weak or tired more regularly.

Consider taking longer breaks in between tattoo sessions to try and help your immune system get that boost it so badly needs.

If you do not want to put your regular tattooing on hold, consider starting on a daily multivitamin to help your immune system with fighting those infections and keeping you going strong. 


Trust your artist – your tattoo artist knows what they are talking about and if they tell you it is not a good idea to get two tattoos in one day, listen to them. They have most likely seen many bad outcomes of that situation and want to prevent you from landing up in a bad position yourself.

If getting two tattoos in one day is something that you desperately want to do, ask your tattoo artist what they recommend you get, as they will be able to help you get the tattoos you want without the bad end result – this may, however, end in you getting one large rib piece and a small quote on your wrist, or something to that effect.

Whatever it may look like, make sure you do as your artist suggests to avoid a disappointing result in both tattoos.


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