Can You Get Piercings While On Your Period?

A (sometimes) subtle form of body modification such as a piercing can really elevate your mood and make you feel beautiful. For many women, getting pierced is a  treat within itself. The age-old saying “beauty is pain” springs to mind when discussing piercings. What if you are already suffering through the pain of your period? Surely getting pierced during that time of the month won’t make much of a difference?

Getting pierced while menstruating isn’t prohibited, but you may be advised against it. Due to decreased estrogen levels, your pain threshold is lower just before and during your period. Extra consideration should be taken if you are anemic, as healing may be disrupted by further depleted iron levels.

You’re on your period and already in a certain amount of pain, so what difference will a quick little piercing make? If you are flirting with the idea of getting a piercing while on your period, there is much more to consider.

Things To Consider When Getting A Piercing While On Your Period

If you have ever experienced a period, you will be aware of the many things that this monthly visit brings along with it. The changes your body endures during this time will impact many aspects of your day-to-day life. Getting your body pierced while on your period may be one such thing. Before embarking on a piercing expedition with “Aunt Flo” in tow, consider the placement, pain threshold, mood, cycle day, and aftercare of your piercing.

Is Your Pain Threshold Affected While You Are On Your Period?

You may have been advised to refrain from certain activities during this time, like waxing, as it will be more physically painful than usual. It is strange to think that your pain threshold is lower during this painful time (which you have powered through before). This is caused by increased levels of progesterone and decreased levels of estrogen.

Estrogen is known to protect the body from inflammation, so lower levels will not only make you more susceptible to pain but also to a slower healing process. A rise in your progesterone levels means looser ligament tissue. Together these hormones leave you feeling pain on a more intense level.

The Placement Of The Piercing

Common parts of the body that get pierced, such as the ears or nose, won’t physically be affected by the fact that you are on your period. A belly button piercing may be more of a concern, especially if you are prone to using heating aids to alleviate cramps. Piercings of the more “intimate” nature (genital piercings or nipple piercings) may give your piercer or you some pause.

Your breast ducts and milk glands are enlarged during this time due to your levels of estrogen and progesterone, leaving breasts tender and painful. Having a needle through your nipple might feel more painful than usual. For genital piercings, the piercer may more than likely decline to go through with it for obvious sanitation reasons.

Considering The Stage In Your Menstrual Cycle When Getting A Piercing

Opting to get a piercing near the end of your period may be a better option as your hormone levels will have almost returned to normal. But getting a piercing during your “heavier” days might be a bit riskier. If you have been bleeding heavily, your iron levels will be much lower than usual. This could cause dizziness and even fainting.

 The added stress to your body that comes with a piercing may cause you to pass out. When your iron levels are low, wounds take longer to heal and put you at risk of infection. Getting a piercing at the start of your period may not have the risks that come with heavy bleeding, but your estrogen levels will still be lower.

Hormonal Changes That May Affect Your Mood

The changes in hormones before and during a period affect women’s moods differently. Suppose you find yourself wanting to get a piercing spontaneously while on your period; you might need to take a step back and reconsider. Is this out of character for you? Body modifications can be fun and spontaneous but should always be viewed as a commitment.

Knowing Your Own Limitations

Not all periods are created equal. There are tales of women who have reported little to no pain during their menstrual cycles. And there are those who find themselves bedridden. For the most part, many women find themselves somewhere in between. If you are considering getting a piercing during your period, only you can really know your limitations when it comes to pain. Likewise, only you will honestly know how your body reacts to hormonal changes during your period.

Will Painkillers Have An Effect On Your Piercing Session?

Painkillers and anti-inflammatory medications thin the blood and may cause excessive bleeding after a piercing. Some health practitioners have recommended not taking any kind of painkiller or anti-inflammatory a week prior to getting pierced.

 Body piercers usually have their own take on this practice regarding the time taken beforehand. Painkillers are advised to be taken after your session if necessary. This is certainly something to consider if your period pain management includes painkillers or anti-inflammatories.

How You Choose To Manage Your Period Pain Vs. A New Piercing

Not everyone is keen on popping pills when it comes to managing and easing menstrual pain. Some prefer a more holistic approach. But even these can have a negative impact on a new piercing. If soaking in a hot bath is your go-to method, you may have to skip this one while your piercing is healing, especially if the piercing is in an area that will be submerged in water.

 A sauna-like environment is also not ideal for new piercings. If you like to work up a sweat to help alleviate the pain of your period, you will need to consider your fresh piercing. Suppose the piercing is in a place that could be drenched in sweat or irritated by friction. In that case, you are more prone to infection or irritation.

Should You Tell Your Body Piercer If You Are On Your Period?

It is entirely up to you whether or not you disclose this information with your body piercer. Some piercers may ask you beforehand, and it would be best if you answered honestly. They are professionals, and any questions they have is there for a good reason: your safety. Should you find yourself feeling unsure about getting a piercing while on your period, you can ask the piercer.


No one knows your body better than you do. If getting a new piercing while on your period does not cause you concern, then go for it. However, if you are known to suffer from dizzy spells or lightheadedness during this time of the month, maybe wait for a few days to be on the safe side. Always be sure to respect the decision of your body piercer and the aftercare instructions given to you.

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