Can You Dye Your Hair After Ear Piercing?

Are you considering getting your hair dyed after an ear piercing? As ear piercings, especially those in your ear’s cartilage, take some time to heal, you must ensure they heal properly by keeping them clean and dry. However, can you dye your hair after getting your ears pierced, or is it dangerous?

If you recently got a new ear piercing, we don’t recommend dying your hair because the hair dye can irritate the new piercing, leading to irritation or infection. Therefore, we recommend waiting at least two weeks before dying your hair or using an ear cover to protect your piercings.

After getting a new ear piercing, you must take care of the piercing while allowing it to heal. This will prevent the likelihood of your ear piercing from getting infected. So, you might be curious to know if you can dye your hair shortly after getting a new ear piercing and how long you have to wait.

Can You Dye Your Hair After Getting An Ear Piercing?

After getting your ears pierced, the piercer will likely give you a list of things you can and cannot do until the piercings heal. Ear piercings, especially piercings in your ear’s cartilage, can get irritated or infected if you don’t properly take care of them. Therefore, you must care for your new piercings and avoid chemicals and activities that can irritate them.

This includes getting your hair dyed. However, there are two reasons why we don’t recommend getting your hair dyed right after getting a new ear piercing. The first reason is that the dye and other chemicals used for dying hair can irritate the new piercing and lead to infection.

The second reason why we don’t recommend getting your hair dyed right after a new ear piercing is that your hair often gets snagged in your earrings while getting hair treatments. This may cause pain and discomfort while in the hair salon. To prevent this, hairdressers will often ask you to remove any ear piercings before starting your hair treatment.

However, because you cannot remove an ear piercing soon after getting it, this will not be an option, and you risk getting your hair caught in the piercing. This may also irritate the piercing, causing bleeding or infection.

Therefore, we don’t recommend dying your hair or getting it professionally dyed soon after getting a new piercing. How long should you wait before you can dye your hair? Ideally, you should wait at least two weeks after getting a lobe piercing or four to eight weeks after getting a cartilage piercing before dying your hair.

This will give your piercing sufficient time to heal before it is exposed to the chemicals and treatments of the hair dye. However, eight weeks after getting a new piercing is still too early to remove it. So, how can you protect your new piercing while dying your hair?

How To Protect Your Piercings While Dying Your Hair

Many people have piercings they prefer never to remove, even for a hair appointment. Suppose you’re one of those people, or you have a newer piercing that you cannot remove yet. In that case, you must consider protecting your piercings from getting snagged during your hair appointment or the jewelry getting dyed in the process.

Fortunately, covering your piercings to protect them from the chemicals and potential snagging is easy. The first thing you can do to protect your piercings is to cover them with plaster or medical tape. This will prevent the jewelry from getting stained or snagged. It will also prevent your ear piercing from getting irritated by the dyes and products used when dying your hair.

Your other option is to purchase ear coverings for when you want to dye your hair and cannot remove the piercings. These coverings are cheap and slip around your ear to protect the piercings and jewelry from dye or getting snagged.

When going to a hair salon to have your hair dyed, the salon may not have ear coverings on hand. Therefore, we recommend purchasing them before your appointment and bringing them into the salon with you. Then, explain to the hairdresser that you cannot remove your piercings but have a covering to protect them while getting your hair done.

In most cases, the hairdresser will understand and try not to snag the earrings. Apart from dying your hair, there are other things you should avoid doing after getting your ears pierced. These steps are critical if you want to prevent your ear piercing from getting infected and possibly rejecting.  

What To Avoid After Getting An Ear Piercing

Now that we’ve discussed why you shouldn’t dye your hair immediately after getting a new ear piercing and how to protect your ear piercings if you do decide to dye your hair, you might wonder what other activities you should avoid after getting a new ear piercing.

Your piercer will give you a complete breakdown of everything you can and cannot do with a new ear piercing. In addition to their instructions, we don’t recommend doing the following activities right after getting your ears pierced:

  • Swimming in the ocean, a pool, or a hot tub. Swimming pools and oceans contain many bacteria that may cause your ear piercings to become infected.
  • Removing the piercings before they have healed. Removing a new ear piercing may lead to infection. In addition, it will be painful and can cause the wound to close or become inflamed.
  • Touch the piercing throughout the day. Although it might be tempting to touch your new piercing, we recommend leaving it alone while it heals. Only touch the piercing to clean it after you have washed your hands.

Avoiding these activities, cleaning the piercing regularly, and following any other care instructions your piercer gives you will ensure that your piercing heals fully without infection or migration.

If you notice any signs of infection, contact your piercer and clean the piercing with lukewarm salt water. This should help clear up the infection. However, if the infection worsens, visit your doctor to give you some antibiotics or prescribe another treatment to clear the infection up.


It is not recommended to dye your hair shortly after getting your ears pierced. The dye and other chemicals can irritate the piercing, leading to infection. In addition, because you cannot remove the piercing shortly after getting it, the jewelry can get snagged while dying your hair. Therefore, we recommend waiting at least 2 to 8 weeks for the piercing to heal before dying your hair.

When dying your hair, cover the piercings with plasters or ear covers to protect them from getting snagged or exposed to the dyes and chemicals. The ear coverings will also ensure that your jewelry doesn’t get dyed in the process.

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