7 things about stomach tattoo you need to know before deciding

Clients interested in getting a stomach tattoo come to me quite often – it is easy to hide it under clothes or display it on the beach in summer. The location seems perfect but does it have any downsides?

feather tattoo on the stomach
Tattoo on the stomach, inspiration from dziary.com

What answers you will find in this article about a tattoo on your stomach?

  • What is the meaning of a stomach tattoo?
  • How much does a stomach tattoo cost?
  • Pain during a stomach tattoo – do a stomach tattoo hurt a lot?
  • Tattoo on the stomach – what to wear?
  • Stomach tattoo on stretch marks,
  • Tattoo on the stomach and pregnancy,
  • Belly tattoo care – how to care for a stomach tattoo?

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What is the meaning of a stomach tattoo?

As with most places on your body, so is the tattoo on your stomach – the design will matter, not the location. When deciding on a particular design, think carefully as it will be a lifetime choice.

The design does not always have to matter, I often make tattoos that customers like – flower patterns, animals, etc., but there are also people for whom symbolism matters. It can be the name of a loved one, an inscription that means something to you, or, for example, your zodiac sign.

fishes tattoo on the stomach
Tattoo on the stomach made by me

How much does a stomach tattoo cost?

When asked about the price of a stomach tattoo, each tattoo artist will answer you – it depends. Most often on the size, and thus on the time needed to make it. If you’re planning to have a small or medium-sized stomach tattoo, it will cost you $100-$200. If you will decide on a bigger tattoo that covers your whole stomach you will have to pay around $250-$400 or even more.

When calculating the price of a tattoo on the stomach, the artist must take into account that even with a small design, certain activities during the preparation of the body and the design itself are independent of its size.

flowers tattoo on the stomach
Tattoo on the stomach made by me

Pain during a stomach tattoo – do a stomach tattoo hurt a lot?

The abdomen is one of the moderately painful places to tattoo, especially around the navel. When getting a stomach tattoo, you can expect a moderate level of pain. The more painful areas for tattooing are the neck, ankles, and feet.

pain chart for women tattoo on the stomach
Tattoo pain chart for women from healthline.com
pain chart for men tattoo on the stomach
Tattoo pain chart for men from healthline.com

Tattoo on the stomach – what to wear?

When you go to a tattoo session to get a stomach tattoo, what should you wear? For the day of tattooing, you can think of something loose that can be easily rolled up, and preferably completely removed so that the ink doesn’t stain your clothes.

For the first 1-2 weeks, try to wear something looser than tight-fitting t-shirts, later it won’t matter much, but as the stomach tattoo heals, try wearing something that doesn’t put too much pressure on where you have your tattooed design.

owl tattoo on the stomach
Tattoo on the stomach, inspiration from stylowi.pl

Stomach tattoo on stretch marks

Many girls wonder if stretch marks are important with a tattoo on the stomach. A lot depends on what design we choose, while with larger, for example floral motifs, it usually does not matter that much, but with very precise designs, the difference may be noticeable when our skin on the abdomen changes.

You must also remember that you must not tattoo on fresh, red stretch marks that are not yet formed. After reaching the target shape, the selected design will definitely change and will not be so effective.

flowers design tattoo on the stomach
Tattoo on the stomach, inspiration from wzory-tatuazy.com

Tattoo on the stomach and pregnancy

How much influence does pregnancy have on a stomach tattoo? The expansion of muscles and stretching of the skin during pregnancy can also affect the appearance of a tattoo after birth. Stretch marks are the worst for tattoos, if they are deep, they can damage the ink under the skin.

For this reason, women who know that they will want to get pregnant in the future should rather not decide to get tattoos around the breast and abdomen, because this is where the greatest changes during pregnancy occur most often.

flower tattoo on the stomach
Tattoo on the stomach, inspiration from tatuaze.us

Belly tattoo care – how to care for a stomach tattoo?

First of all, follow the care instructions given to you by your tattoo artist.

Avoid water and sun, and keep your new tattoo clean, and provide fresh air frequently. Hear when the tattoo artist gives his back tattoo care tips, they are really important and help reduce pain after getting a tattoo.

clock tattoo on the stomach
Tattoo on the stomach, inspiration from nasze-tatuaze.pl

Here are some ideas I have tested for taking care of your first stomach tattoo:

  • Fresh tattoos on the abdomen are covered with a thin foil for the first 3-4 days, then it is good for them to have air access to speed up healing.
  • A new tattoo on your stomach should be washed every day – but gently, do not scrub, just sprinkle it lightly with water, preferably dry with a cotton pad.
  • During healing, which usually takes 3 to 4 weeks, you should avoid swimming, visiting a sauna, or bathing where the abdominal tattoo would be completely submerged in water.
  • Choose your clothes so that they rub and irritate the fresh stomach tattoo as little as possible, be careful not to scratch it, as scratching the scabs off you may accidentally remove some ink.
  • The skin at the abdomen tattoo site often dries out more, so ointments such as Bepanthen or Alantan can be used on it.
  • A new stomach tattoo should not be exposed to the sun. Even after it has healed, make sure you protect it with adequate sunscreen at all times.

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Working at the studio on one of my projects

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