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7 Questions About Scar Tattoos – What You Need To Know To Decide

Scar tattoos are an increasingly common way to hide surgery or burn marks. When the scar is no longer fresh, i.e. after at least 6 months, there should be no contraindications to cover it with the selected design.

What should you know before making a decision? In this article, I will try to answer the most common questions related to scar tattoos.

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example tattoo on the scar
Tattoo on the scar example from YouTube, Planeta Faktów.pl

Pain during a scar tattoo – do a scar tattoo hurt a lot?

Some of the clients did not complain of pain at all while tattooing on the scar or felt less pain during the tattooing process. However, a lot will depend on the location of the scar on which the tattoo is made.

This is an individual matter, in some cases, the pain on a tattooed scar may be greater. Below you will find a map of the parts of the body where the tattoo hurts more or less, a scar may slightly reduce it in some cases, but there is no guarantee for this.

tattoo pain scale
Pain from a tattoo on different body parts

If you are really afraid of the pain you can ask your tattoo artist for numbing cream, we are currently using this one that you can get on Amazon – Ebanel 5% Lidocaine Topical Numbing Cream Maximum Strength, 1.35 Oz Pain Relief Cream Anesthetic Cream Infused with Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Lecithin, Allantoin, Secured with Child Resistant Cap.

If you would really need something like that at home from my experience I would advise this one, especially that kids should not have contact with the cream and this one has a child-resistant cap :)

numbing cream tattoo

How much does a scar tattoo cost?

The price of the tattoo will not change when the tattoo is on the scar. When asked about the price of a tattoo, each tattoo artist will answer you – it depends. Most often on the size, and thus the time needed to make it.

When calculating the price of a tattoo on a scar, I must take into account that even with a small design, certain activities while preparing the body and the design itself are independent of its size.

on forearm example tattoo on the scar for
Tattoo on the scar example from dziarownia.pl

How long does it take before you can get a tattoo on the scar?

Most scars take 6-9 months to heal, but not all. Therefore, if you are planning to get a tattoo on the scar, be sure to wait a little longer, so there will be no risk that the scar will change, which could affect the shape or color of the tattoo on it.

Some dermatologists recommend waiting up to two years before getting a tattoo on a scar.

for woman example tattoo on the scar
Tattoo on the scar example from dziary.com

From my experience with my C-section scar, for the time needed to fully heal the scar before you can have a tattoo on it I can advise the use of a cream or gel, like this one that you can get from Amazon – Mederma PM Intensive Overnight Scar Cream – Works with Skin’s Nighttime Regenerative Activity – Once-Nightly Application is Clinically Shown to Make Scars Smaller & Less Visible – 1 Ounce.

A tattoo on a fresh scar

You should not get a tattoo on a fresh scar, wait at least 6-9 months for the scar to heal. Otherwise, we risk that the tattoo will change over time, after the scar has healed, there is a good chance that the color of the tattoo on the scar will change.

for woman tattoo on the scar
Tattoo on a scar example from zdrowie.trojmiasto.pl

How to get a tattoo on a scar?

We do a scar tattoo in the same way as any other tattoo, but you have to be careful what design and colors you choose – usually black and colors on the scar itself may be more saturated than on the skin around, so you need to be careful about it and possibly dilute the ink properly if the design requires it.

how to hide scar tattoo on the scar
Tattoo on a scar example from polki.pl

What scars can be tattooed on?

Most often, scar tattoos are done after a variety of injuries such as cuts, burns, or specific locations such as the abdomen in a cesarean section or appendectomy.

Where and on what scars are tattoos done? It is possible, among others:

  • tattoo on a burn scar,
  • tattoo on the scar after vaccination,
  • tattoo on a cesarean section scar,
  • tattoo on the scar after surgery.
ideas tattoo on the scar
Tattoo on scar ideas from genialne.pl

Scar tattoo for free

Sometimes it is worth contacting a tattoo artist whose work you would like, sometimes as part of a promotion or pro-bono activity, it is possible to get a tattoo for free or in exchange for covering the costs of needles and ink.

on ankle tattoo on the scar
Tattoo on scar idea from wykop.pl

How long does a tattoo on a scar heal?

Usually, tattoos on scars take about 3-4 weeks to heal, but it takes up to three months for complete healing under the skin.

If you would like to help your skin to heal faster you can use also tattoo aftercare balms and moisturizing lotions, I have tested quite a few and now I am advising this aftercare kit to my clients, it is something you can find for sure in a good studio or here on Amazon – Tattoo Goo Aftercare Kit Brighten Colors & Soothes Skin.

aftercare kit tattoo

The tattoo aftercare kit includes:

  • Healing Balm,
  • Moisturizing Lotion,
  • Deep Cleansing Soap,
  • Renew Enhancing Lotion with SPF 30.

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working on tattoo at my studio
Working at the studio on one of my projects

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Tattoo aftercare

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