cancer zodiac sign tattoo on wrist

11 Questions About Wrist Tattoos And My Inspirational Designs

More and more often, clients interested in getting a wrist tattoo come to me – in this article I will try to answer the most common questions.

bracelet tattoo on wrist
Bracelet tattoo on wrist made by me

What answers you will find in this article about a wrist tattoo?

  • What is the meaning of a wrist tattoo?
  • Does the tattoo on the wrist hurt?
  • How Much Does a Wrist Tattoo Cost?
  • Tattoo on the wrist and the veins
  • Tattoo on the wrist and work
  • A tattoo on the wrist and a watch
  • Wrist tattoo and weight loss/weight gain?
  • How long does a wrist tattoo heal?
  • Wrist Tattoo – Is It Safe?
  • How to care for a wrist tattoo?
  • How do I cover my wrist tattoo?

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What is the meaning of a wrist tattoo?

As with most places on your body, it’s the design that matters, not the location. When deciding on a particular design, think carefully as it will be a lifetime choice. In ancient times, the inner wrist was believed to exude spiritual energy, making it a natural spot for a symbol that’s significant to you.

The design does not always have to matter, I often make tattoos that customers like – flower designs, birds, a bracelet, etc., but there are also people for whom symbolism matters. It can be the name of a loved one, an inscription that means something to you, or, for example, your zodiac sign.

cancer zodiac sign tattoo on wrist
Zodiac sign tattoo on wrist made by me

Does the tattoo on the wrist hurt?

Often, before the final decision is made, the question is “does the tattoo on the wrist hurt a lot?”. As always, with pain is a very individual matter, but most of my clients agree that the tattoo on the wrist hurts less than on other parts of the body.

Remember, however, that tattoo pain is a very individual matter – you know your pain threshold best, so think about whether such a place will suit you, there are places where it hurts less, for example the calf.

pain chart for women tattoo on wrist
Tattoo pain chart for women from
pain chart for men tattoo on wrist
Tattoo pain chart for men from

How Much Does a Wrist Tattoo Cost?

The price of a wrist tattoo can be different, so every tattoo artist will answer this question – it depends. Most often on the size, and thus the time needed to complete it. The average price for a small or medium tattoo on the wrist will vary between $50 – $150.

When calculating the price of making a tattoo, I must take into account that even with a small design, certain activities during the preparation of the body and the design itself are independent of its size, it always matters when checking the price of a tattoo on the wrist.

small heart tattoo on wrist
Small tattoo design on wrist made by me

Tattoo on the wrist and the veins

When working with a wrist tattoo, you have to be careful with the veins, sometimes with large protrusions, the tattoo artist may decide to refuse the order because there is a risk of damaging the veins on the wrist.

For most clients, however, this is not a big problem, it simply requires more attention and delicacy on the part of the tattoo artist.

on wrist and forearm tattoo
Tattoo on wrist and forearm made by me

Tattoo on the wrist and work

Sometimes the question before getting a tattoo is whether it is really hard to find a serious job with a tattoo on your wrist? My answer is that a lot depends on how visible it will be, with a small design you can cover it with a watch or, for example, with a bracelet for ladies.

For a job interview, when we have a tattoo on the wrist, it is enough to put on a long-sleeved shirt, elegant jacket or anything else “appropriate”, without exposing the tattoo, and it should not be a problem.

However, it is worth considering the logic of getting a tattoo on the wrist if you know that there will be a problem with it at work and you will have to cover it all the time.

flower bracelet tattoo on wrist
Flower bracelet on wrist made by me

A tattoo on the wrist and a watch

Another common question before having a wrist tattoo is “when can you start wearing a bracelet or a watch after getting a wrist tattoo?” My suggestion would be to wait for the tattoo to heal fully, at least 4 weeks before wearing anything on your wrist.

It is also worth taking into account that some time ago there was information that a tattoo on the wrist interferes with the work of Apple Watch sensors. I found an article that clearly states that “Apple Watch users with tattoos covering their wrists complain that the Apple Watch is not only not measuring their heart rate, but is having trouble recognizing that the device is actually worn.”

Wrist tattoo and weight loss/weight gain?

Many people wonder what happens to a wrist tattoo when we gain or lose weight? Fortunately, this is where the changes in the shape of the skin are slight with the weight changes unless it is a very drastic change – otherwise, it is one of the better locations for losing weight / gaining weight.

Wrist Tattoo – Is It Safe?

Each tattoo, including a tattoo on the wrist, is safe, above all, when it is performed in a professional studio, on sterile and high-quality equipment, with the use of certified inks and by an experienced tattoo artist.

How long does a wrist tattoo heal?

The wrist is a part of the body that has a lot of contact with clothing, so you should take care of tattoos there. Typically calf tattoos take about 3-4 weeks to heal, but it takes up to three months for complete healing under the skin. If you’re planning on getting both hands tattooed, consider having only one wrist at a time.

How to care for a wrist tattoo?

First of all, follow the instructions for caring for your wrist tattoo as received from your tattoo artist.

Avoid water and sun, and keep your new tattoo clean and give it fresh air frequently. Hear when the tattoo artist gives care tips, they are really important and help reduce pain after getting a tattoo.

How to care for a wrist tattoo?

Here are some ideas I have tested for aftercare of your first wrist tattoo:

  • Fresh wrist tattoos are covered with a thin foil for the first 3-4 days, then it is good for them to have air access, which speeds up healing.
  • A new tattoo on your wrist should be washed every day – but gently, do not scrub, just spray it lightly with water, preferably dry with a cotton pad.
  • During healing, which usually takes 3 to 4 weeks, you should avoid swimming, visiting a sauna, or bathing where the wrist tattoo is completely submerged in water.
  • Choose your clothes so that they rub and irritate the fresh tattoo on your wrist as little as possible, be careful not to scratch it as scratching off the scabs may accidentally remove some ink.
  • The skin at the calf tattoo site often dries out more, so ointments such as Bepanthen or Alantan can be used on it.
  • A new wrist tattoo should not be exposed to the sun. Even after it has healed, make sure you protect it with adequate sunscreen at all times.

How do I cover my wrist tattoo?

If for some reason you need to cover your wrist tattoo at work, for example, choose a design that will allow you to do so, such as under a watch or bracelet, or you can cover it with the cuff of a long-sleeved shirt.

Some of my favorite designs, tattoo books, and aftercare products, selected for you

working on tattoo at my studio
Working at the studio on one of my projects

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If you would like to read more about the meaning of different tattoo styles and designs before you will decide what you would like to have, I can recommend a book that was really useful for me when I was starting my tattoo adventure – it’s “Conscious Ink: The Hidden Meaning of Tattoos” by Lisa Barretta (through the link you can find it on Amazon for around $10).

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